We’re being ‘pharmed’ by Pharma – Dr Robert Rowen

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"We’re being ‘pharmed’ by Pharma - Dr Robert Rowen"

This week’s guest needs no introduction and is none other than Dr Robert Rowen. Dr Rowen just turned 70 years old (and he looked amazing, especially his skin) and has been practicing alternative medicine for over 40 years. When I walked into Dr Rowen’s office, he was treating his blood with ozone, also known as O3. Ozone is a molecule composed of 3 atoms of oxygen (O3). It can significantly improve biochemical pathways and metabolism in the body. Our immune cells naturally produce ozone in our bodies. Ozone is known to break up bacterial cells, disrupt virus reproduction, and destroy toxins. Ozone increases oxygenation and improves blood flow throughout the entire body. The strongest method is usually to give ozone blood treatments. The most effective treatment Dr Rowen has found for pain is injecting ozone into joints/painful areas. I have been following Dr Rowen for years, but what made me particularly interested in Dr Rowen’s work was his study of the Ebola virus. Dr Rowen went to Sierre Leone during the Ebola pandemic and successfully treated five people with Ebola. Due to politics, which you’ll learn about in the podcast, Dr Rowen was forced to stop treating people. What does the Ebola virus have to do with today you might ask? Well, the Ebola virus shares similar properties to that of the Coronavirus, which Dr Rowen outlines in our podcast. Based on these properties, there’s a great chance that ozone could be used to treat Coronavirus as well. In this episode we also talk about free radicals, bacteria, viruses, and how they might not be so bad after all. We also talk about the vaccine’s efficacy and their checkered history. We talk about how viruses actually work and ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle especially during these crazy times. Enjoy!


7:00 - Free radicals, bacteria, viruses - are they bad?
8:40 - Early beginnings of ozone
12:00 - The bet Robert Rowen made me
22:30 - Are vaccines safe and effective?
26:43 - The virome & the rain barrel effect
38:50 - How ozone treated the Ebola epidemic
44:30 - Could ozone help with Coronavirus?
46:00 - Are antixoidants & free radicals a myth?
47:50 - Dr Rowen’s diet & supplement protocol
59:50 - The miraculous effects of ozone
1:02:43 - The various ways you can obtain ozone
1:05:05 - Coronavirus, is this man made?
1:09:50 - How do viruses work?
1:15:28 - Ozone for sports performance
1:17:01 - The best air purifier
1:18:02 - Colloidal silver and its efficacy
1:24:45 - Lighting Round Questions
1:36:41 - How your teeth are a major link to your immune system

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