Unholy Interlocking of Government, Corporate, and Medical Dogma Sacrifices Lives – The Semmelweis Saga Resurrected

Some two centuries ago, Ignaz Semmelweis observed that hand washing with a chlorinated lime solution (an oxidizing agent) would curb infection mortality related to the maternity ward. He was scorned and castigated by his peers for daring to suggest hand washing between dissecting cadavers and delivering babies. Medicine should have learned from this debacle. Has it?

Today we face unprecedented crises in infectious diseases. Pharmaceutical antibiotic drugs that ushered in the medical era are being neutralized by innovative pathogens acquiring resistance or collectively organizing in impossible to treat biofilms. According to the CDC, “more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant (“superbug”) infections occur in the U.S. each year, and more than 35,000 people die as a result. In addition, 223,900 cases of Clostridioides difficile occurred in 2017 and at least 12,800 people died”

Despite witnessing the growth of resistance to antibiotics (which are patented for profit), there has been no interest in promoting the defensive innate processes in the human body, which creates innate oxidizing germicides (H2O2, singlet oxygen, ozone, hypochlorite, etc.) to hurl at invaders. In fact, just the opposite occurs, in large part due to the reflex rejection of highly efficacious therapies [2]. Hence, few in the medical field are aware of any alternative to chemical medicine, and fewer will consider “unapproved” therapy, even to save lives [3]. I provide the following first-hand knowledge and will elaborate.


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