Ozone and oxidation therapies as a solution to the emerging crisis in infectious disease management: a review of current knowledge and experience

The world is facing a serious crisis over the rise of “superbugs” resistant to antibiotics. These drugs ushered in the modern medical era and its most unfortunate paradigm of single pharmaceutical drugs to allegedly treat disease. Tens of thousands worldwide are dying of resistant bacterial infections, and viral diseases which, in general, we’ve never been able to treat well.

Yet right before us, Nature has provided a literally eternal, highly effective solution – oxidation stimulants. Ultraviolet light in sunlight destroys germs. Ozone (as found in the upper atmosphere), which can be medically generated, destroys bacteria largely on contact. It oxidizes crucial proteins on viral membranes which effectively “chops off their fingers” so they can’t open the cookie jar (entry into cells where they propagate).  Ozone therapy stimulates utilization in your body of the most important element of healing:  oxygen. Ozone has been found to modulate your immune system and reduce the toxicity of inflammation, a key mechanism of morbidity in infection. Ozone has also been found to treat infection on its own, and also in synergy with antibiotics.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy was pioneered in America four generations ago and has been found to have similar physiological effects to ozone. High dose intravenous vitamin C is a “pro-drug” for the generation of hydrogen peroxide within your body. Ozone works through hydrogen peroxide mechanisms.  Hydrogen peroxide intravenous infusions halved the 50% death rate from influenza pneumonia in the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic.

Why are these novel therapies(particularly ozone) not the standard of care? It is not profitable and cannot be patented. There is no money to take it through regulatory (FDA) approval, which would cost well over $100 million. Patients are “Condemned to Die with no Right to Try”. Neither hospitals, nor physicians, have the courage or morals/ethics/righteousness to try something not approved even in the face of a patient dying from an untreatable infection. (Dr. Rowen was refused permission to treat a patient dying from a superbug in a hospital, with the hospitalist doctor citing “policy”. The patient died in front of his loving family, which family had asked Dr. Rowen to come treat their beloved.)

This article breaks ground in placing ozone and oxidation therapies as a possible solution to the infectious disease crisis, while simultaneously drawing attention to the corrupt Pharma drug paradigm which has captured the entire world of “medicine”.

Since Dr. Rowen submitted this article for publication it’s been reported that the crisis is worsened by the fact that new antibiotics are not being developed and the manufacturers are going broke. Why? It costs a fortune to bring a new drug to market. These antibiotic drugs are for short term use (less profit), in contrast to life-long drugs ((for cholesterol, blood pressure, mind altering (anti-depressants)) etc. Doctors will, and should, use older less expensive drugs first. Ozone might just be our salvation, but it is an uphill battle due to the mindset of those in power in the industry.

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