Pain Treatment and Relief without Drugs

Likely, the most common reason for a doctor’s visit is pain. Unfortunately, conventional medicine treats pain like it’s your enemy – quashing it with drugs. But that has led to an addiction and opioid nightmare with tens of thousands of deaths.

We don’t consider the presence of pain as a God made deficiency of a narcotic, NSAID or other drugs. We consider it a signal from your body that something is wrong. Narcotics and drugs cannot fix what is wrong, they can only mask it.

So, what might be wrong? Pain can be a signal that your autonomic (unconscious) nervous system is on tilt. Causes for this could be something as common as a root canal in a tooth that disrupts the nervous system. Actually, each tooth is part of an acupuncture meridian energy flow. A root canal is a dead tooth seeding your body with toxic decay products and bacteria, aside from short-circuiting the meridian and nervous system. You might not even sense it. But we have seen scores of people with strange unexplained symptoms clear, sometimes instantly, when the dental focus is identified and treated. Scars from surgery and injury can also “tilt” the nervous system. A simple discipline called “neural therapy” has been known to balance this source. It is nothing more than an injection of a local anesthetic into the source disturbance.

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At the Rowen/Su clinic, we first look into your mouth for hidden causes of pain and systemic disease. We work together with cooperating dentists to get you diagnosed and treated. It is quite rare for us to need to prescribe narcotics or other drugs for pain.

In future posts, we will tell you about other modes of therapy for pain treatment and relief.

These will include laser, pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF), ozone therapy, and more.

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