Oxidation therapy

As I write this, I have a significant review article on ozone therapy going through its final stages for publication in a Pubmed indexed peer review journal. This is a significant achievement for us. The article also addresses the stonewalling of conventional medicine and the current practice to let someone die rather than to “try”.

We offer what we believe are the best of oxidation practices. The cornerstone is ozone therapy. Ozone is oxygen, and it enhances some crucial body functions. Here are a few:

  1. Improves blood flow parameters.
  2. Enhances oxygen release from red cells.
  3. Enhances mitochondrial combustion of oxygen > more energy production.
  4. Modulates immune system. If immune system is overactive, ozone will help to quiet it down. If underactive, ozone helps to upregulate it. A key researcher of ozone said that it is the “ideal cytokine inducer”. Cytokines are small molecules your cells make to talk with each other.
  5. Direct antimicrobial/antiviral/antibacterial properties.

Oxygen is the foundation of all healing. These properties of ozone therapy should make it the number one choice worldwide for health challenges. But drugs are given first billing, at significant risk.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) has been used continuously in America for generations. It has similar mechanisms as ozone. High dose vitamin C by intravenous works in an oxidative mechanism. It helps to create hydrogen peroxide in your tissues. Hydrogen peroxide is a mediator for ozone biochemistry. Hydrogen peroxide can also be administered intravenously. We’ve seen all these therapies work, and work well.

We prefer ozone and UBI as they are the gentlest on your body and veins. We often combine them Most of our Lyme patients do quite well and we’ve never written a prescription for antibiotics for Lyme. To us, that is not a bad track record.  Of course, results do vary from patient to patient and a minority do not respond. We are always looking for individual reasons why.

I will let you know when my article is published. I am certain you will be fascinated!

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