Metal Poisoning

Our generation (boomers) are aging and heavy metal poisoning can rear its head. We grew up in an age of leaded gasoline. Some of us, when children, were exposed to leaded paint. Most of us had mercury amalgam fillings at one time. Cadmium is in the environment and can be lodged in the body by smoking.

These metals have no place in your body and be a source of most any medical condition. For example, lead levels we once thought were safe are now known to induce vascular disease and affect cognitive function. Aluminum, from the environment, vaccines, medicines, can derange the immune system and is also associated with Alzheimer’s. fluoride in the water system can make metal poisoning worse. Mercury is a significant poison to the brain and can induce auto-immune disease. Cadmium interferes with zinc, the most important mineral for prostate and male health. It also can induce hypertension.

We routinely test for toxic metals by a “provoked” test. This is where you are given an oral medicine to take which pulls toxic metals out of your body through your kidneys. If we see toxic metals come out, it is a sign that you have unwanted toxic metals hanging around.

Together, we have treated several thousand metal toxic patients over our careers since 1986. 66 total joint years of practice We work on the most cost-effective means to detoxify the particular metal(s) in one’s body. The process is called “chelation”. Once scorned, it has recently been published to be effective, to the shock and dismay of its past nay-sayers.

Chelation can be inexpensive, depending on how it is provided. We don’t hustle patients to intravenous therapy! There are several methods. Intravenous is the gold standard. But for mercury, we prefer oral. There is also rectal suppositories which can help remove toxic metals. Finally, saunas can assist in sweating out all forms of toxins.

If you have had mercury amalgam fillings, you could have a burden of mercury harmful to your system. Aluminum cookware is not a good idea in our opinion. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

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