Infection Prevention and Treatment

For a safer environment, we recommend oxidizing air purifiers from Medi Air Purifier.  Phone 800-953-7228.

There is a modification with 5G and Wifi blocker: call Buzz Thompson 714-865-3850

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Normal hygiene is important. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and make sure you get under your nails and top of your hands too.


See Diet Recommendations: don’t eat heated oil;  and eat Low-Inflammatory, Low-Lectin foods.


  1. Can gargle with half strength of 3% peroxide. Don’t swallow.
  2. Do Home Ozone via ear, nasal, water, rectal routes. Breathe in nebulized ozone thru oil,  and/or nebulized hydrogen peroxide.  These are described elsewhere.
  3. Raw 100% food-sourced Vitamin C, not just plain ascorbic acid.

We recommend PaleoValley Essential C Complex 450 mg 2-4 times daily.

  1. 3-10,000 units Vitamin D3
  2. 10,000 units (3,000mg) vitamin A, not just beta carotene
  3. 15mg zinc
  4. Selenium as selenite 200 mcg/d


At the first sign of viral/bacterial infection, Robert and Terri usually take all these at once to bring on the big helpers, or you can pick and choose:


Silver (Meso brand)  1 tbsp by mouth 4 x a day in between meals

ADP Oil of Oregano  1 tab with meals and bedtime

d-Lenolate Olive leaf extract  2-3 caps 3 x a day in between meals

Berberine 2 caps 2 x a day in between meals

Carnivora 3 caps 3 x a day in between meals

Yin Chao Chinese herbs (especially good at first sign of sore throat) 3 tabs  3-4 x a day

Available usually from Whole Foods or us

Zinc acetate lozenges, from (Life Extension) or us:  use frequently as directed on bottle

Quercetin 500 mg wo times daily

Lugo (Iodoral) iodine 1 tab daily

Vitamin D3  50,000 units Day 1

Vitamin A  150,000 units Day 1, not just beta carotene

35,000 units Vitamin D3/ 100,000 units Vitamin A - day 2

Raw 100% food-sourced Vitamin C 2000 mg every 2 hours while awake

Glutathione sublingual drops

Black seed extract Nigella sativa  One daily

Melatonin, 20 mg before bedtime may help reduce inflammation.


Increase frequency of Home Ozone nasal, ear, water, rectal, vaginal treatments.

If needed, IV ozone/ultraviolet treatment or get into our ozone sauna

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