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Home Ozone Generators updated 4/10/20, originally February 5, 2020,

I have been repeatedly asked about ozone generators.

All generators have their plusses and minuses. In the case of the Zotzmann generator I use for Hi Dose IV hyperbaric ozone therapy (10 pass) in my office, I don’t know of a minus. It simply has been outstanding, visibly gives you the exact volume of ozone you ask for, and reliably accurately gives the concentration of ozone you ask for, and lasts a long time. But, for home use, forget it. You can do with something a lot less expensive. Know also that I care about machine safety FIRST, and also dependability, durability and service.  Please know that I analyze ozone machines for accuracy. There are “the best”, next to the best, adequate for home use, and poor. All our office machines clinically used on patients fall into “the best”. We know accurately what ozone concentration and volume we are using to treat our patients. It is unfortunate but many clinics cannot say the same. Unless they have purchased an expensive ozone concentration analyzer, there is no guarantee that they are giving the ozone concentration or volume they think they are, unless they are using specific reliably accurate machines.

I am also publishing case reports, so I must know exactly what ozone concentration I am giving a patient. Until Dr. Howard Robins and I got expensive ozone analyzers, most people did not really know for sure what ozone concentrations they were getting from their machines. I’ll tell you that we found some real surprises, which have been mostly cleaned up in the industry in the USA and Canada due to our findings.

I’ve had a longstanding professional association with Longevity Resources.  Longevity donated 10 machines for the Sierra Leone Ebola epidemic. Those machines saved lives. Longevity also donated 2 machines for our volunteer work in a hospital in India a few years ago.  Longevity accuracy is excellent, in “best” category. Their service is excellent. Their machines have three types of safety certification, including UL, QAI, CSA, and ETL. I think that is valuable as it means that the machine was torn apart by the certifying body for electrocution safety among others. Their machines also have a fan to keep the generator cooler, which protects it and keeps the ozone output more stable, over say, a 30-minute ozone sauna treatment. Longevity has a Lifetime warranty. Each machine is tested using its paired-included-in-package oxygen flow speed regulator which gives each individual machine its own custom ozone concentration calibration chart.

We recommend the Orion Premium Package $3305 from Longevity Resources   https://www.ozonegenerator.com (phone 1-877-543-3398) because it’s model EXT 120 will make ozone of over 100 gamma (mcg of ozone/cc of gas) to make stronger ozonated water.  The Orion Pro Package $2165 has model EXT 50 which produces ozone up to 65 gamma.  All Orion packages have accessories to make 1000 ml of ozonated water and to do rectal, vaginal, ear, nasal/sinus ozone insufflation.  The Orion Basic Package $1684 does not have an oxygen tank,  or 50 ml oil/water bubbler,  or trap. These can be purchased separately from Longevity.

Promolife  https://www.promolife.com/ (Phone 888-742-3404) makes cheaper ozone generators and packages for those that can only afford less $ outlay. Their “Redwood” Package is $1945 with their new ARC Standard model which makes ozone up to 100 gamma.  Their Redwood “Basic” package for $1349 features their O3 Elite Single machine which makes ozone up to 70 gamma.  Both these packages provide accessories for water, ear, nasal, rectal, vaginal ozone, but not an oil bubbler for nebulizing ozone through oil into your lungs, nor an oil/water trap  nor an oxygen tank. These can be purchased separately from Promolife.  The ARC model provides higher concentrations preferable for ozonating water.

Accuracy testing:  With their new more accurate oxygen speed regulator, as of February 29, I now rate the Promolife Arc ozone generator that I tested in “best” for accuracy, based on an analysis we completed on one new machine we just received. I did notice a mild decline in output at the highest settings after several minutes of continuous production. This could reduce water concentration slightly, but not affect other short generator “on” time production. Promolife also provides a custom calibration chart unique for each machine tested with its own oxygen speed regulator and power cord. Promolife donated 2 machines to the people of Guinea on my trip last year to teach ozone in that country in west Africa.  Promolife has a lifetime warranty.

Promolife offers a fantastic service of selling pre-filled oxygen tanks delivered to your door.  The empty 105 liter tanks can then be sent back to Promolife for re-filling and shipped again pre-filled to you. These pre-filled oxygen tanks can provide oxygen for any brand of ozone machine.

Promolife machines are CE “approved”.  I am not sure what this means. I don’t think “CE” means that a machine was torn apart by an independent testing lab, such as UL (Underwriter’s Lab).  I understand from the internet that CE “marking” can be obtained for a product without third party testing. However, since their machine runs on a low voltage converter, it may not require UL certification. Admittedly, I am not clear on this.

There are other less expensive ozone generators. But components are usually made in China. I am not trusting what is made in China compared to what is made in North America. May have heavy metals and/or inferior materials that can be degraded by ozone.

I cannot tell you what to get. Your circumstances and needs differ from another. In this business, like most all others, you get what you pay for. I tend to go for the best in any equipment I acquire, so that I never have to shell out again, and so that I can have confidence in what I am doing. Internal components are important in ozone generators, and the more reliable, safe, and ozone resistant components are more expensive, always.

Most medical-quality oxygen companies will not fill tanks that are not theirs because of the liability factor of unknown status of the tank. We can give you a prescription for oxygen, so that you can get your tank filled from a medical-oxygen company near your home.  Look in your Yellow Pages under Oxygen for a store near you. However, even if you want to pay cash, most medical oxygen companies will not sell you medical oxygen unless you have a diagnosis that they can bill insurance for.  Therefore, most people use industrial-quality oxygen.  Industrial-quality oxygen supply companies do not require a prescription since this type of oxygen is used for fish tanks, welding, etc.  They can also fill medical-oxygen tanks with industrial-quality oxygen. For your information, industrial oxygen companies will not sell you oxygen if they know you are using it for medical purposes or ozone. We can legally only recommend medical oxygen.

Decide if you will use a medical-oxygen tank or industrial-oxygen tank, so you can order an oxygen-flow-speed regulator with either kind of fitting to connect the oxygen tank to any ozone machine.  Most people like to get the “industrial” fitting instead of the “medical” fitting since the “industrial” fitting will fit onto industrial-oxygen tanks.

We have made a video of our home ozone training available for a small fee to the nonprofit Ozone without Borders. It is available now on their website  https://ozonewithoutborders.ngo

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Terri and I wish you well on any ozone adventure you embark upon.

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