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Home Ozone Generators updated 4-7-23, originally February 5, 2020,

I have been repeatedly asked about ozone generators.

All ozone generators have their plusses and minuses. With the Zotzmann 2000 ozone generator I use for Hi Dose IV hyperbaric ozone therapy (10 pass) in my office, I don’t know of a minus, except it’s cost.  It simply has been outstanding, visibly gives you the exact volume of ozone you ask for, and reliably accurately gives the concentration of ozone you ask for, and lasts a long time. But, for home use, forget it. You can do with something a lot less expensive. There is the Zotzmann N model for non-hyperbaric ozone uses.  This model also has a Vacuum mode for safer Ozone Bagging of Limbs.  Longevity Resources recently closed shop due to Canadian government oppression. Two American distributors for home units remain: Promolife and Simply O3.

Promolife https://www.promolife.com/ (Phone 888-742-3404) makes complete home ozone packages.  We recommend their Comprehensive Ozone Package $1849.  Choose the O3Elite Dual model which makes ozone up to 110 gamma for stronger ozonated water.  We now recommend NOT buying an oxygen tank from Promolife.  See 4th paragraph from end for why. This package provides accessories for water, ear, nasal, and rectal ozone; and nebulizing ozone through oil.  We also recommend getting their NebulO3 for ease of nebulizing ozone through oil.  We also recommend women get Promolife’s vaginal ozone applicator for ease of use, though an ordinary catheter would work.

I have analyzed Promolife’s machines for ozone output accuracy.  I’m pleased to say that I pass them for home ozone use.

Please know that most cheap ozone generators have components that may be made in China.  I am not trusting what is made in China. Corners may be cut.  Inferior materials may be used that can ultimately degrade with ozone exposure.  So, for office use, I prefer machines made by the Zotzmann- Hese company in Germany. Even their oxygen lines are ozone and oxygen proof Teflon.  Wherever you decide to get an ozone machine, please ask the distributor if the components in the generator that contact ozone come from China.

I cannot tell you what to get.  Your circumstances and needs differ from another.  In this business, like most all others, you get what you pay for.  I tend to go for the best in any equipment I acquire so that I never have to shell out again, and so that I can have confidence in what I am doing.  Internal components are important in ozone generators, and the more reliable, safe, and ozone resistant components are more expensive, always.

Most people can only buy industrial-quality oxygen, even if you have a prescription for medical-quality oxygen and want to pay cash.  Many medical oxygen companies require you to have a specific diagnosis that insurance companies will pay for.  Industrial-quality oxygen supply companies do not require a prescription since this type of oxygen is used for fish tanks, welding, etc.  The big difference is that medical oxygen tanks are far better cared for and washed out with oxygen before being filled.  For your information, industrial oxygen companies will not sell you oxygen if they know you are using it for medical purposes or ozone. We can legally only recommend medical oxygen.  FYI most people can only buy industrial-quality oxygen for their home ozone generator.

Some people buy an industrial oxygen tank from AirGas, a nationwide company.  AirGas can fill it with industrial-quality oxygen, and when empty, AirGas can quickly exchange your empty tank for a full oxygen tank.  You won’t get the original tank you bought, but otherwise you may have to return the next day to pick up your original tank.

This quick exchange for a full tank is why most people don’t buy a tank from elsewhere.

Decide if you will use a medical-oxygen tank or industrial-oxygen tank, so that when you place your order for your ozone machine, you can order an oxygen-flow-speed regulator with the correct kind of fitting to connect the oxygen tank to any ozone machine.  Most people like to get the “industrial” fitting instead of the “medical” fitting since the “industrial” fitting will fit onto industrial-oxygen tanks.

We have made a video of our home ozone training available to the nonprofit Ozone without Borders. It is available at https://drrowenhomecourse.voomly.com/ for $25.

Terri and I wish you well on any ozone adventure you embark upon.                                                            

Rev 4-7-2023

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