Exosomes, stem cells, peptide therapies

I recently attended a terrific meeting lecture detailing the emerging therapies of exosomes, stem cells and peptides. I must be behind the times because I never got into these methods. I don’t think that I really had to, and I’ll tell you why in a moment, and I’ll talk in more detail in my weekly newsletter available at www.DrRowenDrSu.com

Exosomes are small particles released by cells and can induce healing, repair and rejuvenation. A recent science article states, “Exosomes, once thought to be biomarkers of a diseased state are now thought to be biologically active and some of the paracrine effects of stem cell therapy.” Many of my colleagues are using them. They appear to be quite safe and contain signaling molecules for cells on the receiving end.

Stem cells are primitive cells that can differentiate into many different cell lines. They have been harvested from aborted fetal products, but most sources use placenta/umbilical cord derived cells. Human mothers tend to look the other way at placentas while most all other mammals, including herbivores, eat theirs. They seem to know something we don’t.

Peptides are short chains of amino acids. These, too, are signaling molecules for repair and rejuvenation.

And, there is also platelet rich plasma, PRP, used for local injections. Platelets carry lots of growth factors.

Doctors are flocking to these products. If you see this recent video I posted, you will know why I have not done so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkzXhMYUaWo&t=1s
Here is a man who paid $6500 for two PRP sessions for his back. I got better results for him with two sessions of ozone treatment for under $500, less than 10% the cost of PRP.

Ozone is extremely safe. Most world class researchers believe it encourages your own body to release stem cells and it certainly induces molecular signaling for healing. When you generally get 85% or more of your patients better at 1/10 the cost, and the treatment is safe and very comfortable, why should I look at these high-priced treatments. I can always send the small number of non-responders down the road for the ‘Tesla’ treatment.

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