Diet recommendations

We recommend NOT eating home/restaurant/deli food that was cooked with poly-unsaturated vegetable oil (canola, corn, soy, safflower, rice, sesame oil etc), or mono-unsaturated (olive) oil since unsaturated liquid oils are more sensitive to heat and light, and get oxidized (rusted), no matter the smoke point.  You can add organic extra virgin olive oil onto your food AFTER it is cooked, but don’t cook with olive oil.

Don’t scramble eggs, since more of the nutrients will get more oxidized and destroyed from the extra exposure to air/heat/light versus poaching/soft boiling them.  Use organic butter/ghee/coconut oil/palm oil to cook with since saturated fats are more relatively stable to heat and light.  Avoid margarine, hydrogenated fats or trans fats.  Don’t eat roasted nuts/seeds.  Eat them raw, preferably soaked 8-12 hours and then rinsed, since the sprouting process causes easier digestibility and increased nutrients levels.  Almonds may have less lectins if the skin is removed, which is easier after soaking overnight.  Don’t grill/barbecue food since the high temperatures may cause carcinogens.  Don’t cook in iron pots/pans (excess iron causes rusting in your body), and don’t cook in aluminum or non-stick cookware.  Maybe best cookware is glass or Saladmaster   Try to buy/store food in glass containers, instead of plastic containers.

Don’t eat farmed fish/seafood.  Wild caught seafood or organic pasture raised-finished/grass fed meat/poultry/eggs are cleaner than farmed seafood or only cage-free poultry. Best to keep animal protein at 3 oz or less for 3-4x/week or less.

Eat mostly raw vegetables/low glycemic fruits (berries) as tolerated.  Aim for 6-9 cups of greens daily, as tolerated.  Eat food that is not or minimally refined and/or processed.  Eat dinner before 6-7 pm.  Try to not eat for 14-16 hours after dinner (Time-restricted eating for longevity/rejuvenation/weight loss).

Recommended Reading:


These videos explain how lectins can cause many challenges like: Fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain, arthritis, gut issues, autoimmune disorders, headaches, neurologic degeneration, anxiety, depression, cravings for sugar, alcohol, etc.



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