Diet recommendations

We aim to focus on therapies that not only treat symptoms of a disease or chronic medical condition, but also boost your body’s ability to self-heal and regain your health. Diet counseling is one of those therapies. Dr. Rowen has written and lectured on the benefits of “The Living Foods Diet” and a “Low-Lectin Diet.”

We recommend not eating food that was cooked with oil, since liquid oils are sensitive to heat and light. You can add organic extra virgin olive oil onto your food after it is cooked. Or use organic butter/ghee/coconut oil to cook with since saturated fats are relatively stable to heat and light. Skip margarine or hydrogenated fats.

Don’t eat farmed fish/seafood.  Wild caught seafood or organic pasture raised-finished/grass fed meat/poultry/eggs are cleaner than farmed seafood or only cage-free poultry. Best to keep animal protein at 3x/week or less.

Eat mostly raw vegetables/low glycemic fruits as tolerated.  Eat food that is not or minimally refined and/or processed.

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This video explains a cause of many challenges like: Fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain, arthritis, gut issues, autoimmune disorders, headaches, neurologic degeneration, anxiety, depression, cravings for sugar, alcohol, etc.

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