(, October 13: A Greendale Community College study group meet for a house-warming party and order pizza. (. (, Craddle Pharmaceutical develops highly effective and safe sedative drug Soporil. President Jack Davis nukes the city to prevent it from falling to Queen Celestia's hooves. Future Primitive - TV Tropes. He would search for his whale until 2012. Steven Universe Future spoilers follow. (, You get stabbed to death by your own mother. Along the way, they battle the Knotraiders. (, (Universe A and, presumably, B) Death of Queen Elizabeth II. Most of the survivors moved to Florida, with the exception of, The Grey Tremor Plague wipes out 1/3 of Earth's population. Queen Celestia sends out a Mirror Pool clone of herself to investigate odd magical activity. She explains to him that the fog incident is being caused by a more powerful Grim Greed, which she feels is way out of his league and doesn't want him to get involved for his own safety. They become Immortals uppon arrival on Earth and their Quickenings, First experiments with small artificial singularities show practicality of jump gate principle. In order to combat DOGMA's domination Sega launches Project Segagaga. January - February: Andromeda Research Corporation begins work on the Revelation virus. Humanity enters an age where only the wealthy and powerful can augment themselves. Dissolution of the Monarchy of Great Britain (, The UN is dissolved, heralding an era of total globalization. (, April 20: The second Super Hero Wars: Space Shocker invades Earth. (, December 14: The 2nd-floor boss is defeated. Autobots and Decepticons form a temporary truce to destroy the chaos bringer. (, Formation of the United Federation of Nations. After declaring that, Asuka disappears into the fog alone. (, As Hope Kingdom was invaded by despair army of Dysdark, two fairies named Puff and Aroma evacuate to Earth as Prince Kanata stayed behind to hold back the invasion. After that, the Signers defeat the Dark Signers using friendship and card games, and then build a new bridge connecting Satellite to the mainland. Neil Marshall, a California prosecuting attorney, is killed in the Los Angeles Prosecutor's Office. Back to The Future (cartoon), the Animated Adaptation. By the end of the summer, the majority of Continental Europe has been consumed by the Barrier, which noticeably slows down once it hits the Atlantic Ocean. Sure enough, Unicron resurrects and attempts to devour Planet Q. Death of 98th emperor Charles zi Britannia and ascension of his son Lelouch to the throne, reign of terror begins with invasion of Japan (again). (, Before July: Maxwell Madison Jr. receives his first cat, Shakespeare. Her husband, Detective Danny Reagan, blames himself, as he sees it as the culmination of events starting with the firebombing of his family’s house not long before. (, August 31: Dipper and Mabel celebrate their 13th birthday. Life seemingly returned normal for Miyuki, albeit losing Candy and their powers... until Candy came back anyway. Jenna Maroney is not in attendance. (, October 25: After 11 seasons, Internet League Blaseball undergoes a Grand Siesta. (, A bizarre combination of reviewers, nerds, gamers, internet personalities, and 8-bit Mickey investigate a mysterious. Courtesy of BBC. The series was created by Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber and produced by 2121 Productions, a part of Brookwell McNamara Entertainment. Kun Lan is killed by Parkreiner. People begin committing crimes under the name of The Dollars, and Mikado posts the idea that the Dollars should be a "good gang" and do anonymous charity work. Jazmin Kopotsha . (, July - October: India and Pakistan get into a war that ends in the destruction of both countries. (, An immortal knight uncovers a conspiracy to unseal the Witch Queen and destroy humanity. June 3: All humans (and birds) on Earth are petrified by an unknown cause. (, The crew of the underwater research base Sealab do stupid and insane things. He is infected with the Heaven Smile virus by the US army, and then killed by Coyote Smith. (, Victory in Antarctica Day. Back to the Future (film), the movie and its sequels. Destruction of Cybertron and Mars (they get better somehow later). (, September - October: Shino is involved in a fatal robbery in a post office. Super Sentai and Kamen Riders learn of each other and a bond is formed (, Loki's Chitauri army invades New York City. The CEO of Andromeda is taken into police custody later that day. Overpopulation has brought environmental and economic collapse. (, April 25: A high-ranking Uplink hacker plants a tracer programme in the Arunmor central mainframe, allowing Andromeda to spy on Faith's progress. Unlike all other Endbringer attacks, this one ends in Behemoth's death. Gas prices have reached $100 per gallon. (, According to John Titor, civil war in the United States ends with a nuclear strike by Russia, followed by a brief, Kyle Reese and John Connor are imprisoned in the Century Work Camp. (, Ryu, the legendary warrior, appears to have retired from fighting to become a monk. The Closed Beta ends on August 31st. After L's death, Near begins his investigation of the Kira case, gathering evidence over a period of four years. (Mayan cosmology), December 22: Birth of the fifth sun. (, The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler confront one of the last Daleks. (, Jolyne Kujo, a rebellious 19-year-old, is arrested for a hit-and-run and sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison, located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. (, December: Suguha finds out the true status and circumstances of her and Kazuto's actual relationship. Gordon Freeman, after disappearing for 20 years, mysteriously resurfaces at City 17, somewhere in Eastern Europe on an Earth enslaved by Combine forces. June 13: The Morimiya students take a vacation at the Kamiyama Hot Springs. Our scenarios are based on a comprehensive set of drivers that will influence the future of the TV and video industry. Unbeknownst to the public, its mysterious leader "Odysseus" is actually Raul Menendez. End of the Resource Wars. So, busy day, then. (, July 1: Night Vale comes together to throw StrexCorp back out of the town again and stop the Smiling God reaching their city. (, February 14: The Nexus-6 replicant Pris is incepted. I chose to only include games that were still buyable – in stores or from publishers, or coming onto the market in the near future. (, April 18: In response to the Revelation attack, Arunmor begins development of a counterprogramme, dubbed Faith. The TV movies took place in the late 1990s and early 2000s: Emily was 13 in "Dark Horizon" and presumably between 16 and 18 in "The Udara Legacy", as she was still attending high school. (, Rodimus' crew visits Planet Q and promises to protect its inhabitants if they are ever threatened by Unicron. The last three reveal their secret origins and mission to Kyon, June 20: Birth of Charlotte Grewel in Lake City. This would become an example for force being more effective than peaceful acts in bringing about political change. Research into these Maso particles leads to multiple scientific breakthroughs. Based on his stated age upon attaining the copper key, inconsistent with age stated in the book. The world ends up learning the identities of the team and accept them as their heroes. Research continues into the possibility of a Gestalitized soul that has lost its body. (Real Life, July 4: Fsociety releases a video about American independence, while also posting a tape of an FBI conference call about "Operation Berenstain," which is tracking millions of Americans' phone calls to try to find the "Five/Nine" hackers, causing a massive uproar. Said girl, Haruka, had just enrolled in Noble Academy in her attempt to be a princess. Like Noor TV on Facebook! Taylor is severely disciplined. (, Henry Emily, under the guise of "Cassette Man", alongside Michael Afton, successfully sets up a trap and destroys all remaining Fazbear animatronics, including William Afton/Springtrap and Elizabeth Afton/Circus Baby. (, December 20: Last day of Autumn/Winter school term in Lake City. (, Salamander is revealed to have engineered all of the natural disasters he had predicted. (, Kim Jong-un successfully negotiates peace between North and South Korea, beginning the formation of the Greater Korean Republic (GKR). The Future of TV Tropes When I first became aware of the TV Tropes website, I was enthralled. The trial ends prematurely due to the defendant committing suicide. Actually, Telescope Gun Cop traveled back in time and poisoned their candy canes. Eve, now in Aya's body after overdiving, destroys both Aya's soul, the source of the Twisted, and Eve's body, the source of the High Ones. Turns out the Time Eater is a creature controlled by the Classic and Modern Robotnik, the former of which takes up the "Eggman" moniker. (. The three students and Yuuki head over there to find an Eclipse gate, where Yuuki obtains his Soul Device; Cavalry Mace. Kou and Asuka head to Shopping Street pronto to find it mostly barren of people, and out of the fog, a giant demon hand swoops in and captures Mayu. (, The SOS Brigade shoots a film for their school's cultural festival, titled, Haruhi Suzumiya plays a concert at the school festival. John Freeman who was Gordon Freeman's brother was one day in an office typing on a computer. (See July 7th, 2007). Bon-Bon is exposed to the Eye of Harmony, inducing a temporal stroke that leaves her with a case of chronological lobular desync disorder; this, combined with the trauma of witnessing Lyra's execution, has all but irreversibly damaged her mental state. This leads to the police and Shizuo Heiwajima disintegrating them. (, Tsubomi Hanasaki moves to Kibogahana after a traumatic emotional breakdown, only to be recruited by two fairies to become a Pretty Cure. (, Formation of Europia's W0 squadron under the command of Leila Malcal. The baby would later end up adopted and named Daisy Jo. (, The 22nd-floor boss is defeated 3 days after the 21st. (, May 9: Arunmor CEO is arrested for bank fraud, putting the future of Faith in jeopardy. He uses that power to open up an Eclipse gate and sends Shio inside. Marcus Wright awakens and maneuvers John to SkyNet Central. He then tries to impersonate the Doctor and falls into the time vortex, presumed dead. She was supposed to wake up in 2266. (, November 13: Agent 47 assassinates the Washington twins, a pair of treasure hunters who were then the new leaders of the Ark Society, and kidnaps Arthur Edwards, an important figure in a global conspiracy known as "Providence", for information relating to his superiors. Japan is obliterated by missiles fired by an unknown party after talks aimed at saving the country break down. (, June 1: Kaiceph attacks Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. April 28: Michael Scott's last workday as Regional Manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. (, 16 children are reported missing in unknown circumstances. Birth of new Autobot leader, God Ginrai. Starscream and Mirage follow. The two other candidates, being The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home and Hiram McDaniels, do not accept the result and target the new mayor in a set of increasingly-violent (but ultimately unsuccessful) attempts over the next ten months. (, Max, a genetically modified ex-super-soldier, searches for her brothers and sisters. (, November 5: Mike Pence is elected President of the United States. April 12: Taylor joins the Undersiders under the name Skitter. takes on their first official job request. Growing Pains. Grand Unified Timeline events from 2010 C.E. (, August 15: Trespasser is killed by three tactical nuclear missiles. (, Dr. Brian Jones and his son, Kicker, visit Cybertron as part of a delegation from Earth. Ichigo Yamazaki meets with John Rook, and various truths are revealed. (, June 12: The Nexus-6 replicant Zhora is incepted. Inexact title. Absolon is a 2003 Sci-Fi /Thriller film, starring Christopher Lambert, Ron Perlman, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Kelly Brook, set in a Dystopian near future.In the year 2010, a plague known as "Neurological Degeneration Syndrome" (NDS) kills five billion people. The Atlantic Blitz begins. (. The Tief Blau virus epidemic begins, killing 10,000 people over the next several years. A page for describing YMMV: Near Past And Future. (, December 8: Battle of Avila Beach - Humans regain Serrano Beach from SkyNet (, December 21: The first expedition to colonize Mars launches from Earth orbit. Alpha Q creates the Terrorcons and resurrects Scorponok as part of an effort to steal a load of Energon and restore all the planet that had been consumed by Unicron. Gavan type-G sent in to stop them, but mistakes Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast as the leaders (, May: The Original Cyclops Serial Killer claims their first victim; they would go on to kill three more times between May and September. (, Paul Rassos convinces Max Payne to work with him as a bodyguard. The Nexus crosses through the Milky Way Galaxy. She makes a promise to Ancient Fairy Dragon to one day return in their hour of need. The world remains this way until December 20, at which point multiple trips through time occur that eventually return the world to the way it was moments after it first changes on the 18th. Unsure of what happened, Kou meets up the rest of the Morimiya students who arrive for assistance, and they follow Asuka into an Eclipse gate. (, The fascist Norsefire party takes advantage of political instability and a biological attack, Pierrot is defeated in the same fashion as Black Hole, against Miyuki's team. (, April 30: Birth of Taylor Gibson in Lake City. Audio languages. (, September 1-3: The Bell Riots in the San Francisco Sanctuary District trigger a fundamental shift in American social policy. January 30: John Watson and Sherlock Holmes move into 221B Baker Street, investigate a crime scene, and solve a series of 'serial suicides'. After a late-night shift, Kou finds the delinquent gang harassing Rion Kugayama on her way home. (, August 12: Birth of Wade Watts, AKA 'Parzival', August 18: John Rook begins his first day of teaching. This doesn't seem to have happened in every timeline. (, The United States government establishes so-called Sanctuary Districts in major cities in which the homeless, unemployed, mentally ill, and other undesirables are sequestered. Al Gore works as a taxi driver in a hybrid cab. A veteran patrol officer gets an android for a partner. XCOM is dissolved, its members killed, captured or driven into hiding. (, Fusion returns, six Pretty Cure teams make themselves public and become popular. John Connor is mortally injured, but saved by a heart transplant from Marcus Wright. April 29: Defense attorney Phoenix Wright defends in State v. Enigmar. The process of final settlement of the Karabakh conflict is a matter of the near future, to which Armenia must be ready in all seriousness," said the first President of Armenia. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the YKTTW system. Seymour had spent most his life waiting for Fry outside the Pizza place. (, March 3: The Fog of Deceit is lifted from the hearts of mankind. With Betty Gilpin, Nick Westrate, Ethan Phillips, Sean Young. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Futuretrack Five (or 5) is a Young Adult Science Fiction novel by English Author Robert Westall, first published in 1983.Set in a near-future Britain sometime after 1998, the book follows the life of Henry Kitson from the day he managed to screw-up his future as an Established Person by doing too well at his final exam. His co-pilot and brother Raleigh retires from Jaeger piloting as a result. February 14: Leo Davidson and the genetically-enhanced chimpanzee Pericles serve aboard the United States Air Force space station, March 5: Major Kusanagi assassinates a foreign diplomat attempting to sneak out a government official involved in the assassination of the previous Prime Minister. Sometimes the directions it takes, in Real Life and in fiction, can be … .. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/TheNearPastAndFuture. Taimanin Asagi, or Anti-demon Ninja Asagi, is a rather dark four episode Hentai OVA based on a game by Black Lilith. (, February 28: Pop star Sarah Lynn wins an Oscar for Best Original Song, but does not attend the ceremony, and dies from a heroin overdose later that night. December 18: The world is rewritten so that Haruhi Suzumiya never attended North High School, among other changes.