It plays a role in the two of you forming a deeper relationship. They're being devoured by the Titan Stars. PyreSapphire RingRequires Level 11+(20-30)% to Cold Resistance+(25-35)% to Fire Resistance(60-80)% increased Burning Damage40% of Cold Damage Converted to Fire Damage10% increased Light RadiusIgnited Enemies you hit are destroyed on KillLet winter come. They're the first group you'll fight at the Fall of Soliam. Except, that's not exactly what happened... Inevitably, he and the True Nightwings will be your enemies during the final Liberation Rite. supplying fire-proof ink to Volfred in an ironic turn of events, considering all the highly illegal magic and alchemy she performed for her livelihood. The Fate were created by Jomuer Many-Mane who valued faith and honor. However, if you keep attempting to talk to her, she will ask you to take her with you right before the final Rite commences. The second to last Rite, upon knowing that the Rites is ending.The other team simply didn't bother showing up anymore, knowing their hope are dashed anyway, leaving your team to a pitiful little opposing pyre.. The Pyrehearts were created by Underking Ores who valued courage and valor. If freed. If she stays in the Downside, she will not mind that much, since this way she can focus on her work in this field, She knew the Commonwealth burns books as a means of getting rid of them, so she created a fireproof ink that makes anything written with it impossible to burn, thwarting the Commonwealth. You can't hide the fact that you know how to read from the first three Nightwings who save your life. What people are saying. On the other hand, it's never clarified if Saps have legs and only root themselves during Rites, and whether or not the Reader would be a Savage or Nomad is impossible to clarify. An exile triumvirate led by a sap, Manley Tinderstauf. Some bog-crones speculate that their imprisonment is over, but whether this means they are free to roam the world, or now rest in peace, is anyone's guess, the Reader takes Sandra up on her request that they take her crystal with them. Provided they complete Sandra's Trials and speak to her regularly, they can take the Beyonder Crystal with them back to the Commonwealth or in their travels around the Downside. Available on. which means they cannot actually be chosen for freedom. Created by Underking Ores. the leader of an opposing Triumvirate ascends, mind-control Oralech into liberating you instead of himself if you lose the final Rite to him, the last thing you see before you ascend is the shock on the anointed Nightwing's face, they didn't know that they can't be freed through the Rites, sees his Plan as a way of restoring the Scribes' original values, you may have a Rite where your opponent doesn't even bother to show up, meaning you simply have to walk the Orb into an unattended Pyre to win, "The Eight Scribes gave their freedom so that we may yet have ours. Pyre enchants your eyes and ears with beauty at every turn. Soliam Murr became the Eighth Scribe. She and Tariq also sing the ending song together, again changing it depending on the fate of the characters. they throw her in a jail cell to interrogate her for information. Available on. She turned herself in willingly afterwards. An exile triumvirate known to be respectful of the traditions surrounding the Rites, and who are genuinely friendly to the Nightwings. Their sigil is a pair of shattered scales. the current leader of the Commonwealth, he is the closest thing to this. If you're losing a Rite, you can freely choose to restart with no penalty. Much like you. he was caught urinating on a statue of Archjustice Androbeles IV, When the Rites are ended for good and escape from the Downside is impossible, they refashion the Rites into an actual sport, to leave his family alone, if they are defeated, they really will drop any issue they might have with his family and never touch the subject again, become part of the Commonwealth's elite, so that she, a Harp, can become part of the ruling elite and destroy the Commonwealth from the inside, Unfortunately for her, the Commonwealth see through her plan right away and subject her to endless interrogation should she be liberated. He trades jumping for a reflecting shield, casting for a second Aura generator, and sprinting for instant teleportation with a cool-down. The Fate introduce the Moon Drops which buff anyone who picks them up. Their sigil depicts the black nails of Soliam. you must lose to the True Nightwings, letting Oralech give you the right to choose between you and him to leave the Downside, which is the only way to guarantee that, if he stays in the Downside, he won't, at least three Nightwings will be left in the Downside, but thanks to the revolution, they will all live happier lives. They kept their relationship secret since this kind of romance would be taboo for both the Highwing and the Commonwealth. His crime was being a deserter. Some time after that, it's revealed that the stars are going out. Despite him claiming that he no longer cares about the Plan, Oralech joins the revolution when he sees the people on the street, and comes to wish Volfred could have seen his plan come to fruition in person. The day of the revolution is called "Scribes' Return", and if Hedwyn, Jodariel, and/or Rukey are liberated, they are seen as the reincarnations of their patron Scribes. If Ignarius douses your pyre, he takes off a whopping 40 health, and he's the only other demon you'll definitely face in the competition aside from Oralech. They play the Rites not for freedom, but because they're driven by sinister forces. She was a foster mother to orphans before joining the military, and took care of Hedwyn when he was a child. She was cast into the Downside for freeing a group of young Harps she herself captured from Commonwealth custody after discovering they were to be executed. Her name depends on what the player chooses, but it always ends in "ae". He gets a happy ending with his idealism restored and his horns eventually receding. and almost literally so because according to him, it doesn't exist, nothing. Even if the Plan succeeds and the new Sahrian Union is formed. Sandra was in one from childhood, trained to be a killer by the Sisters of the Arch. If you choose at this moment to reach out to his mind, he will realize that the Nightwings have been working for the greater good and that his anger towards Volfred has been unfounded. An all-Harp triumvirate led by Tamitha Theyn, made up of exiled Highwing Remnants. The ending credits song will change depending on who you've freed, and who remains in the Downside. If he faces Volfred and/or Ti'zo, conversation about their shared past inevitably sours and ends with their mutual declaration that they will fight. A page for describing Funny: Pyre. Only one of your party members can return to the Commonwealth at a time. Led by Ignarius, they certainly value strength but do not have much room in their hearts for mercy. According to the Book of Rites, this was their original reason for their formation, and why they have no patron Scribe: The other triumvirates needed a stronger enemy. It's part of why he was exiled. her reason for being exiled was she freed a group of harp children when she learned they were to be executed, seeing that as being too far. Note that the Commonwealth's leaders are, depending on what ending you got, killed or exiled from the Commonwealth (if they don't decide to surrender and convert to the revolution) as a nice dose of karma, and he's the primary leader of the Commonwealth... Where the other Triumvirates stand for the values of their founder Scribe, the Nightwings represent the adversaries the Eight Scribes faced in their adventures.