Romance Dawn Whitebeard,Luffy vs Akainu,Aokiji,Kizaru ★Play PSP - Duration: 20:17. Some epic battles in One Piece are off screen. Aokiji (throwing off his coat): Well, I guess it's time to do this. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Real name Sakazuki, Akainu is a Fleet Admiral, the head of the Marine force of World Government. The spears pierce his arm and he has to duck to avoid getting hit in the head. It's perfect. Kong: And you're really going to go through with this? Kong: I told Admiral Kizaru and Vice Admiral Vergo of G-5 to keep a set of eyes on the island at all times and to look for a signal, with specific instructions for what to do based on what signal they see. Akainu: I was only asking because you're about to be severely disadvantaged. Akainu (extending his arm back): I see. If Akainu and Aokiji settle their difference, they should win after a hard battle. Tras la muerte de Barbablanca Aokiji congela el mar para evitar que los piratas escapen de Marineford, cuando Jimbei intenta escapar hacia la bahía de Marineford con Luffy nota que está todo congelado, él se disculpa con Jimbei. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Akainu: Ughh. Kong: Alright maggots, turn this tub around and set a course for Marine HQ. We have alerted Admiral Aokiji and General Inspector Sengoku to this as well. Akainu is apparently the most hard-line of the Marines, following the doctrine of Absolute Justice. In the end, Akainu ended up as the victor of that battle, although both men were seriously wounded. Sengoku: And you're sure I cannot talk you out of this? Even though Aokiji was an admiral in the navy, which was presented as one of the main antagonistic organizations of the series, he would use his powers and influence to help people rather than be the World Government's force of dominion disguised as justice, and was a strong believer in a Navy concept called, \"merciful justice\" (which some WG higher-ups called \"lazy justice\"), and even though he was going to kill one of the main … Akainu is one of the strongest characters in One Piece. The fog clears. Sengoku: You know, normally I'd say you're crazy and stupid for even thinking of this kind of thing... Aokiji: And I'd say you're absolutely right. I must say though, that I appreciate everything you did on my behalf. And why is that? Old sick whitebeard is nowhere near old healthy whitebeard (except maybe in firepower if we assume devil fruit effectiveness doesn't decline with age) and had trouble dodging/blocking attacks and even landing them on Admirals like aokiji/kizaru. Aokiji es visto con una expresión solemne después de ver sorprendentemente a Akainu golpear a Ace con su puño de magma, atravesando y asesinando a Ace. Esto le valió ganarse el odio de Luffy. Vivi will rejoin the Straw Hat Pirates as a permanent member, A viable and satisfying way to defeat Kaido. Aokiji (intercepts with an ice kick): Urrrghh! Akainu: You're not getting tired yet, are you, Kuzan? AOKIJI vs AKAINU! Download. But I'm not worried. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these female characters? [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know One Piece? Sakazuki: Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Ia biasa mengenakan setelan khas perwira Angkatan Lautdengan jubah putih yang menggantung dan sering memakai topi sport standar kelautan. Looks like I can't hold back as much as I thought. Eventually it became sort of a thrill and the fatigue went away. Akainu wins about Very High diff. Dai Funka! He swings his hand through the air, producing a slash of cold air that cuts through the magma dog, cooling it, and turning it to rock while also creating a thick haze. Aokiji: About a month's worth of B-vitamins with a touch of caffeine. Su verdadero nombre es Sakazuki. Hubo momentos en que pensé igual que tú, pero no sabemos como funciona el Haki. Let's continue. Es el actual almirante de flota de la marina y hombre que acabó con la vida de Portgas D. Ace. Soldier: Commander-in-Chief Kong and Admiral Akainu, sirs! It will go down to teamwork. Bleach Duo Annihilates 32% . Poll Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru vs. Zeref (Fairy Heart) (23 votes) Admirals FTW 17% . Akainu: Absolutely. Su rostro tiene forma cuadriculada, las mejillas ahuecadas, cejas pobladas y cuenta con algunas arrugas pronunciadas. Same instructions. [OP QUIZ] Can you put these characters in the correct camp, Marine or Pirate? Aokiji vs Akainu is one of the fights that the fans want to see the most. The ship goes around to the other side of the island. No sabemos si te protege de quemaduras como las que causa Akainu. Aokiji (jumping down and walking away): This is where I leave you. My compliments to whoever chose this island. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. You might have the day, Kuzan. You know, the thing called justice changes its shape, depending on where you stand. Aokiji: My level of play is what you might call Absolute Zero, actually about 5 degrees shy. Akainu (still on the ground, crouching on one arm): Real cute, Kuzan, but not nearly enough. Dai Funka! Aokiji: And justice that comes from humanity...must never perish. admiral aokiji is on a secret mission on blackbeard pirates. He parted from the battle with a staggering level of scars and with his left leg reduced to a stump. I remember, even in our vice admiral days, you would call it quits as soon as the bell rang. Sengoku: Those kids at the bases are about to get a free show.,_Part_1?oldid=907149. Akainu uses his Devil Fruit power to cause an explosion at his feet, rocketing him forward, leaving a streak of scorched earth like a scar on the island. No sabemos si te protege del congelamiento de Aokiji. For more information please refer to the documentation. The battle lasted for ten days, and their respective powers caused Punk Hazard to permanently be frozen on one half and burning on the other. one piece aokiji vs akainu true story episode 583 preview. Years ago on Ohara, Kuzan had caught the eye of one of the criminal archaeologists, Nico Robin. I must do this for the good of the world. Could go either way 11% . Aokiji vs Akainu Akainu didn’t let Aokiji freely leave after the battle. Aokiji begins skating at incredible speed, leaving a streak of white like chalk on granite. Akainu adalah seorang pria yang tinggi dan bertubuh kekar, bertinggi seperti laksamana lainnya, dengan fitur wajah keras dan persegi serta berambut hitam cepak. The battle lasted for ten days, and their respective powers caused Punk Hazard to permanently be frozen on one half and burning on the other. Esdeath has not shown any stamina feat comparable to that. He has black, curly hair cut to chin length that fans out at the tips, tanned skin, and an altogether lean, long build.His standard outfit while in the Marines consists of a white buttoned-up vest with standing collar over a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, with matching white trousers and black dress shoes. The mass of magma goes high into the air and then falls in the water just off the coast. The fog clears. Sengoku: Sakazuki, Here's where you get off. Akainu one piece vs katakuri one piece spacebattles forums. Aokiji: I never get lost on the way to an appointment, and I'm glad to see it's been ten seconds without the whole place being on fire! So Shanks = Akainu and the battle is anything goes. Aokiji (kicking away from akainu and icing up his hand): Sword of Veils! He lands a punch on Akainu's upper jaw, now steaming from the ice. Symbolic drew an amazing chapter of 50 pages of Akainu vs Aokiji fight! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I got one for you too, Kuzan. Kong: You know you're crazy for going through with this. 1920x1080 ONE PIECE Episode 625 ワンピース - AOKIJI ICE-ICE ON Doflamingo ... Download. Because they don't look cool so no one wants to see them. Kuzan (クザン), formerly know by his Marine alias Aokiji (青雉), is a former Marine Admiral. Why Nico Robin has the most undervalued bounty among the Straw Hats! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9. Sengoku: So how will we know when to get them? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really (going into magma mode) light up at night! I however always stayed late, fighting off fatigue while finishing all my paperwork. But now it's time I stand on my own, against what I consider tyranny, and fight for what I believe is right. Aokiji (through the haze, standing with one foot on the rock): Not bad, but you really should train your pets better. Both start moving toward the center of the island. Capítulo 650 con título "Dos cambios que necesitas saber". Aokiji (still fighting, think any DBZ fight scene, fast attacks with talking): Seems like more time has passed than we thought. Akainu (walking toward the gate): See you inside, chum. • Luffy vs Akainu ( Sabo is also possible , but anyway , continue to other matchups ) • Zoro vs Kizaru • Sanji + Jinbe vs Ryokugyu • Franky vs Chaton • Robin vs Momousagi ... then the Aokiji Vs Akainu: this is basically a watered down version of Luffy Vs Kata. Aokiji: Positive. Sengoku (smiles): At least one good thing will come of this. Poll Akainu and Aokiji vs Ichigo and Aizen (62 votes) 2 Admirals Dominate 26% . Akainu (throwing off his coat): Time to start. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Kid and Luffy fused against Kaido? He throws the giant magma punch and Aokiji easily dodges. SUMMARY Jinbe tells Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates about the major events that took place during the timeskip. Akainu ended up as the winner, but had sympathy enough to spare Aokiji's life in spite of it being meant as a battle to the death. The magma dog shoots out of his left hand like a whip, and makes toward Aokiji like it's going to bite him. Aokiji kicks the rock, which freezes upon contact with his foot, right at Akainu. Akainu (jumping off the deck): Aye aye, captain. Tras el salto temporal, se ha dejado crecer un bigote disimulado y una perilla abundante, y cuenta con una enorme cicatriz en el lado derecho del cuello y la oreja rasgada.En el lateral izquierdo de su cuerpo lleva un enorme tatuaje azul (a… [OP QUIZ] Do you know everything about Skypiea Arc? Inugami Guren! Unfortunately, Aokiji did not escape unscathed. But me, I own the night! After freezing Jaguar D. Saul to death, he helped Robin escape but gave her a warning. If you want to play on my level, you'll have to up your game. No featured entries match the criteria. The two battled each other for the position of Fleet Admiral on Punk Hazard. 1033x890 Be cool hie no mi former marine aokiji one HD Wallpaper. Setelannya berwarna merah marun dengan kerah lebar berwarna merah muda bermotif bunga-bunga, terbuka menunjukkan lehernya yang kokoh dan tato besar bermotif bunga di dada kiri hingga ke punda… Akainu:(thinking, damn, the fog is made by his power not to mention everywhere, so sensing him properly is damn near impossible.)