Pandemic / Flu / Colds/ Viruses: HomeSelf-Help Anecdotes

Some ozone practitioners recommend for all homes to have a nebulizer, 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and “normal saline” (salt water concentration similar to inside our bodies). The following is provided as education only and not meant in any way as medical diagnosis or treatment or suggestions of treatment. Any actions you take from the information provided is at your own risk and liability.

Some ozone practitioners think the symptoms of coronavirus likely-pandemic/flu/colds/sinus infections/bronchitis/pneumonia/chronic non-viral lung challenges may be improved by nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. We have been told that this method in smaller amounts is safe for infants and children also.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is alleged to not have the heavy metals or other impurities that are rumored to be in ordinary-store-bought 3% hydrogen peroxide that is commonly found in brown plastic bottles. Food grade hydrogen peroxide comes in 35% or other strengths. It’s safer to buy the 3% food grade if available, since it is safer to handle and will need less dilution than 35%.

Some ozone practitioners put 1 cc of  3% food grade (NOT 35%) hydrogen peroxide into 100 cc of normal saline. Smokers or past smokers/vapers have been known to have done better starting with only 0.1 to 0.5 cc of the 3% food grade peroxide put into 100 cc of normal saline.

Some ozone practitioners have used this resultant 0.03% hydrogen peroxide solution to fill the chamber (usually 5-6 cc) of their nebulizers. Users have then breathed the nebulized solution in thru their mouths/noses till gone. They have done this every hour the first day if they needed and then 4-6 times a day till their infections were gone. Users have made the nebulizing solution more dilute or nebulized for less time or less often if they got too much coughing / short of breath. If tolerated, some ozone practitioners reported better results when they gradually built up to diluting 5 cc of the 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide into 100 cc of normal saline.

This nebulizing solution has been known to last 3 months if refrigerated. Many people keep this solution handy or at least have the ingredients handy so they can start treatment immediately when symptoms start, since the sooner their self treatment, the better their results were. Some ozone practitioners report better/stronger efficacy from Home/Office Use of ozone.

Most health food stores sell 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

You can also buy the following at Walmart or online:
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