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With COVID methodically making its way through the nation, I’m repeatedly asked about indoor air quality. Here in Sonoma county, our Health Officer decided to close down all our state parks and beaches, condemning people to remain indoors or go on short walks. To me, this is sheer insanity. It is axiomatic that there is more disease spread from indoor air “unquality” than outdoor air with UV containing sunshine and wind dispersing possible virions or bacteria. Additionally, people lost their ability to exercise, lack of which is a known risk factor for disease. We are living in a time of insanity, in my opinion.

That said, what can we do to improve indoor air safety? Years ago, in Alaska, my office (and home) acquired Alpine air purifiers, two of which I still have today, some 20 years later. They generate ozone. There is controversy about ozone air purifiers as ozone, when in too high concentration, can be irritating to lungs. Something decidedly better has come along, and it appears to be based on sound space technology, used by NASA. It is a device that takes water vapor in air, together with oxygen, and creates hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent, used for disinfection. It has no odor, unlike ozone. I’ve used it for years in nebulizers to treat lung/sinus symptoms and have been quite happy with it. See the blog “Respiratory… Home Self Help..”. Knowing that most people are tolerating low strengths of peroxide inhaled directly by nebulizer, I think the “Air and Surface Pro” device is a perfect device for environment disinfection purposes. It has been shown to have a 99.999% kill rate for microbes, and being oxygen based, leaves no toxic residue. Unlike ozone machines with electrical plates that can go bad and need replacement, this unit has none. Just requires cleaning.

Also, it produces negative ions, which cling to pollutants in air and weigh them down to the floor, clearing smoke out of rooms quickly. In a time of COVID, this is a device, which makes a ton of sense as people reopen businesses and once again start socializing in homes. I hope that businesses will install similar devices to ensure as much safety as possible.

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