Add an extra layer of protection with a personalized touch. Henry do Dance Off. His arrest (as well as Reginald Copperbottom and others in the airship division) is then later seen on TV by Henry at his house. Tapping into the Toppat's security feed, Gordon Banks locates the Right Hand Man in the warehouse and they begin to form a strategy to take him down. Go on and dance like you have ants in your pants." He also does not appear to attempt to betray Henry on his own will, unless Reginald does, despite being able to take over the Toppat clan with ease (how easy he killed Henry is seen in Toppat Civil Warfare during the Good Gents fail). Henry Stickmin series. The Right Hand Man has also received cybernetic augmentations following his defeat to Henry. After Henry returned to the Airship fight Reginald, bitter about the fact that Reginald betrayed him, Reginald tells the Right Hand Man to take him out. Henry decides to start the Fortnite default dance again, but this time, the trail they're on hits a bump on the rails and throws them off the train, causing them to fall into another portal. In fact, he only sometimes shows any extreme emotion in the series. However, later, when the power goes out, RHM is seen behind Burt, who was confused as to what Henry had to do with him. When the train crashed in the Capital Gains ending, he immediately went to the crash site and confronted Henry and Ellie (although he lost very quickly). 7: Toppat King - The pacing is very fast, and helps add to the awesome action in this one. Toppats!" While the rocket is launching into space, The Right Hand Man and Reginald vacate the area, while Dmitri regains his strength, giving him an opportunity to attack the two, and lunges at Ellie, knocking her out. The Right Hand Man, alerted to the commotion in the storage, finds Henry with the evidence and the force gun. $ 20.00 Original Price $20.00" (10% off) Henry Stickmin shirt/ Henry Stickmin Distraction dance/Distraction dance HENRY stickman fan tshirt. You're not going anywhere. Discover & share this Dance GIF with everyone you know. Unlike Reginald, Reginald has the opposite personality traits of his Right Hand Man, being cowardly, weak and impatient. (Message: What!? Henry Stickmin series. Claiming that he was going hunt Henry down after getting setup, the Right Hand Man gives Henry a chance to defend himself. "Y'know, bounty hunting really suits you. In the Pure Blooded Thief path, and all its CtM paths, the two still don't interact much, but since Henry tried to stole the Ruby, they're enemies. Henry enters the warehouse behind the cockpit, as the Right Hand Man raises the alarm, announcing a "security alert" to the other Toppats to "keep a look out for a guy in a big plastic ball". Autoplay. Time's up, let's do this. -Juno Songs. You Have Been Distracted by Henry Stickmin. Convert -> Suppressing Fire -> Cheap Fighting Combo -> Ocarina, Howie Howitzer Like before, he is shot down immediately. Most notably, please make sure this post isn't a repost or low effort, this includes things like chain posts(i.e. Charles Calvin launches Henry inside the Cannon Ball towards the Cockpit of the Airship. There are two options. Unlike Reginald would to Henry, the Right Hand Man doesn't take opportunities to betray Reginald and even protects him. Then Dmitri and Grigori show up to demand Henry and Ellie to surrender. In a military helicopter piloted by Charles Calvin, Henry arrives on the outskirts of the Toppat Launch Site. Well, nobody gets away from the Toppat Clan. Hey there! In the remaster, his hair color is eventually turned into a lush tangerine-orange shade, which is more of a natural red compared to the alternate unnatural color. I'll take care of this guy. Before the Toppat second-in-command could even do anything, Henry uses the force gun to propel himself to Charles' helicopter. Throwing a punch, Dmitri misses, creating an opening that allows Henry to throw the warden off the rocket and to his death. At the end of Toppat 4 Life, he agrees to Reginald about Henry's protection of the clan, despite the fact both him and Reginald could have easily betrayed Henry who already got rid of the government invasion, taken back the leadership, and launched into space. Most notably, please make sure this post isn't a repost or low effort, this includes things like chain posts(i.e. -Juno Songs. The tank almost reaches to the rocket door, allowing Henry to dismount and barely make the jump. 1 Physical Appearance 2 Ability/Distraction Dance 3 History 4 Vehicles 5 Possible Deaths 6 Trivia 7 Gallery Usually, Henry Stickmin is just a stick figure model. He wears black shoes and a bright red mustache. Relentless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive, Government Supported Private Investigator, In the Revenged path in CtM, Henry actually is dead after the events of The Betrayed in FtC. Perfect gift for little gamers. He even goes as far as trying to kill Henry. Henry can: The Right Hand Man tries to shoot Henry with his laser eye, while Henry runs down one of the station's solar panels. "repost if" memes). While a few Toppats members got left behind and arrested by the Government, their new space station allows the remaining clan members to raid any place on Earth with ease. ", "Keep a lookout for a guy in a big plastic ball. ", ボトル入りの時間は、私がそれを活性化させ続けると、時間の砂を吸収します。ボトルを1回転させると、自由に時間を遅くすることができます。それは究極の精神です! Several Government Soldiers ", Another reference is the Fail quote from the, Two of the "fails" at the very end of the path technically result in a success where the, In the credits, there is a cutscene in which, This route is the least completed ending (after. Share Advanced. Instrument. Henry tried to do Dance Off to Charles, and He also think Henry's Dance is Cringe. Grigori is killed by the gunfire, but Dmitri is only wounded, still appearing alive with one eye open. That's OP! Their preparations are interrupted when the Government launches an assault on the launch site, prompting Reginald to send Ellie and the Right Hand Man to the rocket, while he and Henry stay behind to initiate the launch sequence. is a reference to the popular phrase "THIS! Like before, he is shot down immediately. 0. ... dance-off #10. Approaching the base, [the squad finds a guard named Kayn West at the entrance, armed with an assault rifle and on lookout. Government Supported Private Investigator, The rocket completes its journey into space. Charles from Henry Stickmin, t-shirt, henry stickmin, henry stickman, charles, meme, distraction dance, stickbug, diversion dance, rick roll HandmadebyHahnCo Sale Price $16.60 $ 16.60 By Mimistarlish Watch. Henry decides to do just that. Suppressing Fire - Henry branches off to the left in an effort to flank RHM, while Frog, Eel, and Turtle provide [Henry … After Henry successfully steals the money cart after killing Mr. Macbeth, the Right Hand Man orders the Clan to call off the search, as he deems the satellite launch is more important. Emotes can be earned as season rewards, from either the Emote Pack 1 or Emote Pack 2 game passes, or from codes. 1212x834px 35 KB. This is even further revealed in the Revenged path where Right Hand Man is hostile towards him which shows the giant grudge Right Hand Man has held. He is greeted by a squad of experienced bounty hunters, which include John Pilksin (codename: "Frog"), Gordon Banks (codename: "Eel"), and Amelia Esteban (codename: "Turtle"). Depending on his choices, Henry either becomes a successful Government agent, a bounty hunter, part of a criminal organization (either as its leader or a recruit), a cyborg, or a space resort owner, or … IMAGE DETAILS. He is greeted by the Right Hand Man, who is now a cyborg and in charge of the Toppat Clan since Henry got Reginald Copperbottom arrested during his mission aboard the Toppat Airship. The Right Hand Man also survives the ordeal and returns to the space station, now without power due to the loss of the station's central core, rendering The Toppats to be unable to return to Earth without any power, thus they are stranded in space. Henry Stickmin is a (usual) stick figure that has the ability to distract you from doing anything. Come on. Hey there! He is the only character in the series to get 3 Bios in Completing the Mission. The Henry Stickmin Collection. ", "Stand back, Henry. from the movie, The name of the option and it revolving around Henry killing, The intro itself is a huge Metal Gear Solid reference, as it resembles the opening sequence of, Frog says "You kept us waiting, huh", alluding to when Snake says "Kept ya waiting, huh? The damage to the RHM's cybernetics causes him to faint and his cybernetics to shut down. In these endings, he is either the new leader of the Toppat Clan following Reginald's arrest, or second-in-command of either Reginald or Henry Stickmin once again, transformed into a cyborg with powerful abilities. ), Additionally, the fail message: "This! Reginald orders him to finish Henry. Reginald recognizes Henry as the man who stole the Romanian Ruby from them, but also acknowledges the two outlaws' skills. The Right Hand Man plays a role in multiple pathways, either as an ally or an enemy of Henry, remaining as an accomplice of Reginald. ", "Hang on a minute...this is the guy that stole our ruby. Time signature. At the launch site, the Right Hand Man, who is now a cyborg and in charge of the Toppat Clan, hears about the train crash and rushes off to the crash site. Time signature. Considering that he wanted revenge, it’s clear that they did care about each other. When recording, gives a 4 beat lead in. Many more were able to escape, but with the evidence in the Government's hands, they are now pinned to criminal charges. "repost if" memes). . Note that he does sustain major damage after this, but still survives and makes it back to the station. In the Free Man pathway, RHM is the leader, so Burt respects and obeys him. If you were looking for the article about the. Takeoff's more important. "Everyone listen up, we've got a security alert. Dance-Off (fail): Once again, Henry attempts to initiate a dance-off, performing the default dance in front of the Right Hand Man. You Have Been Distracted by Henry Stickmin. However, he is able to be revived and cybernetically enhanced by, The Positron Refractor references the Reflector that, The Right Hand Man audibly announces his spirit as. You’ve been distracted Have Been Distracted "This is the dance, it's the distraction dance. The series consists of six games. They can use: The energy released from the punches obliterates the Right Hand Man's body, leaving only his cybernetic legs intact. most of his behavior is confident or serious. In The Good Gents fail, Henry and his followers breach into the cockpit to confront Reginald and Ellie, but a furious Right Hand Man uses his cybernetic eye to fire a laser at the gang, killing Henry and Geoffrey. During the second set of options, Henry will start a dance of against the Right Hand Man, but will get shot down again by a gun he is holding in his hand. Instrument. Afterward, RHM reborn began a vengeance against Henry, he was thinking to kidnap Henry after the rocket's takeoff, and actually kidnapped him at the start of the Free Man path. Record keyboard and MIDI inputs. They prepare an ambush: The Right Hand Man notices Henry, but before confronting him, he fires a blast at Frog, Eel, and Turtle, killing them. HTML5 Embed. He is also the optional archenemy of the titular protagonist, Henry Stickmin. Is! Impressed with what she's seeing, Ellie decides to ally with the Toppat Clan. Option 2: Yo-Yo - This opens up an Earthbound-style game screen. Triple Threat is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission. Add Audio Track. His shoe color is brown. Henry meets up with Reginald and his Right Hand Man in an air control tower, finding out that the former had taken up leadership in his absence, something Henry isn't all that content with. The Henry Stickmin Collection is a Newgrounds choose-your-own-path classic, reborn and revitalized. 0. 2020. Both activate a boss-battle minigame with four options on its own: Option 1: Dirk - This Opens up a Final Fantasy-style screen. They get transported on board the Toppat Airship, but it's the Toppat Civil Warfare path. [X] Dance-Off Once again, Henry attempts to initiate a Dance-Off, performing the default dance in front of the Right Hand Man. "Harden" fail during the Cafeteria section in the Free Man path in CtM. The Right Hand Man and Reginald are close friends, as the two trust each other. This is also the only time ever where General Galeforce's first name "Hubert" is mentioned. Clicking on the blue text that reads "Play of the Game" in the fail message will lead to the "Play of the Game" achievement. Completing the Mission (Rewired ver, [Right Hand Man Blue]): He's been rewired to protect Henry at all costs. Henry and Ellie are presumably killed by the money cart and fall damage in the Needle fail. choice, he two are killed when Henry's escape pod collides with them. Henry Stickmin by PeachFan55sLaptop. Check out Lucent's Guide to Online Sequencer. Henry can: He is nowhere to be seen after Henry successfully steals the rocket and turns the orbital space station into a resort, but since he wasn't in the rocket when it launched, it's safe to assume he was amongst the members of the clan who were arrested. ", " あなたはばかを言う!私の精神が私の強化につながったと思いましたか?私はいつもそれをアクティブにしました。時間を完全に凍結するのに十分な時間を集めることができました。今...死ぬ! ". Thanks for posting to r/HenryStickmin!If you haven't already, be sure to read the rules of our subreddit if you haven't already. You've gotta be pretty tired of waking up like this. Grid. 0. Henry and Ellie are officially recruited into the Toppat Clan on the promise of returning the Romanian Ruby. : 100% Polyester . ", "I was going to hunt you down once we got set up but now you've just fell right into my lap. Henry Must Be Over Sonic; Kind of a spoiler, but not: Super Henry should be as drawn, doesn't have to be, but he should exist as he's mentioned in Completing the Mission. Get up to 20% off. When the ball crashes into the cockpit, Reginald runs away while the Right Hand Man tries to hold Henry off. These reusable cloth face masks made of 100% Polyester provide a physical barrier around the face. Go on, on your feet. Frog places their newest member on guard outside of the base on their behalf. BPM. The Distraction Dance is a dance featured in the video game The Complete Henry Stickmin Collection. The power struggle buys the Government enough time to apprehend a wide majority of the Clan. To do so, they can choose between multiple tools for Henry to use or actions to perform. (MSG: Cease.) In pathways that have Stickmin as the leader (save for Toppat Civil Warfare), he appears to harbour no grudge against him for defeating him before and resulting in his cyborg appearance, although he would normally go after Henry in the Free Man and Master Bounty Hunter pathways for this reason. 6: Stickmin Space Resort - A chaotic and awesome ending with a satisfying pay-off for Henry, who is now able to make money legally. As Fredrick and two other Toppats gather around the door, Henry opens it and uses a retro light gun to kill the four Toppats with ease, and continues his escape. IS! Add Audio Track. Key (Auto Detect) Auto Scroll. The Cluster Charge can also be seen having "Заложник" written on it, which means "hostage" in Russian. On Off. Ever think about going pro?". ... Dance Off. Although he does get frustrated from time to time, such as when Henry is after the Emerald, Henry broke out of his cell, etc. Aug 20, 2020 @ 1:34pm ... .when ever charles uses his helicopter 2. when henrey and charles do a high five 3.when henrey does the default fornite dance then imdently gets killed. Henry can: Henry grabs the hat of the Right Hand Man, which contains an oxygen mask, while the Right Hand Man drifts off into space. The Distraction Dance is a dance featured in the video game The Complete Henry Stickmin Collection. Markiplier plays Completing The Mission and every time Mark attempts to do a Dance-Off with his opponent... he fails horribly and hilariously. The Right Hand Man recognizes Henry as the guy who stole their Ruby. He is the most fought character in the whole series, being fought a total of 6 times, He is fought as a boss every pathway in which he is the leader, with the exception of. They prepare an ambush: The Right Hand Man notices Henry, but before confronting him, he fires a blast at Frog, Eel, and Turtle, killing them. When recording, gives a 4 beat lead in. He sometimes gets cocky when he expects he can easily win a fight or take someone down, as he gives Henry "one shot" in Master Bounty Hunter. His robotic legs are also able to turn into a jet propeller which allows him to fly. 1 Physical Appearance 2 Ability/Distraction Dance 3 History 4 Vehicles 5 Possible Deaths 6 Trivia 7 Gallery Usually, Henry Stickmin is just a stick figure model. Suppressing Fire: Henry branches off to the left in an effort to flank the RHM, while Frog, Eel, and Turtle provide Henry with a … He is incredibly serious, especially during combat. He is the favourite character of the series' creator, He is the only character to be seen inside. JS Embed. Like before, he is shot down immediately. The option results in a fail. His typical weaponry consists of a metal baseball bat (which is in a rugged state, presumably from consistent use) and a pistol. Henry and the Right Hand Man's relationship varies between pathways. 0. In Infiltrating the Airship he appears as the secondary antagonist of all pathways and the main antagonist of Government Supported Private Investigator. Nonetheless, he brushes the notion aside due to the fact that Henry had placed himself on the line to defend the Toppat Clan from the Government. ", "Hold it. Time signature. However, it is possible he still died after the battle.[1]. Henry can: With Kayn now on their side, the squad infiltrate the base. Title. Pinkman The squad has to either capture or eliminate him. The correct one is Ocarina, after which the route concludes. Tapping into their security feed, Eel locates the Right Hand Man in the warehouse and they begin to form a strategy to take him down. Henry Stickmin Distraction Dance . You Might Like . Unlike Reginald who simply sighs off his imprisonment in reluctance, Right Hand Man is significantly more frustrated in his imprisonment. His extreme loyalty is what a Toppat member should strive for. The Henry Stickmin series is a series of Web Games created by Puffballs United, featuring the titular protagonist Henry Stickmin.. If Henry and Ellie choose to help the Government instead, the Right Hand Man and all the other Toppats are killed in the rocket explosion. In Toppat Civil Warfare, when Reginald tells the clan that Henry isn't worthy of being the leader, RHM instantly sides with Reginald instead of the current leader, and even jumps off the airship to save him. You better stop it Henry XD They're belongs to Puffballs United. LazyKirby57. The ending can be achieved after choosing Government Supported Private Investigator and Convict Allies endings.
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