Answer: A. ANALOG ELECTRONICS Questions and Answers pdf free download :: This is by no means the only digital potentiometer in production! No negative points for wrong answers. Consider an MCU with a reference voltage of 5V that has a 12-bit ADC and you… This technique is one of the fast techniques for analog to digital conversion. Answer: B. For example, the computer might produce a digital output ranging from 0000000 to 11111111, which the DAC converts to a voltage ranging from 0 to 10V. This quiz section consists of total 10 questions. Here we providing Analog Electronics important 554 MCQ PDF,It have collected from books,PDF quality is excellent and size is only 600 kb. Choose your option and view the given correct answer. Fig 1: Measurement and control loop Guide for Analog and Digital Electronics Questions and Answers PDF Rajeev Reddy Nareddula. 4-channel stereo multiplexed analog-to-digital converter WM8775SEDS made by Wolfson Microelectronics placed on a X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro sound card. file 03847 Question 2 The circuit shown here is a four-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Question 15 Analog-to-digital converter circuits (ADC) are usually equipped with analog low-pass filters to pre-condition the signal prior to digitization. Analog Devices interview questions and answers Related materials: - Interview questions - Interview tips - Job interview checklist - Interview thank you letters - Job records - Cover letter - Resume Interview questions and answers – pdf file for free download Page 1 of 10 2. A. the amplitude of output is proportional to rate of change of input B. the amplitude of output is proportional to input C. output occurs when input is finite and constant D. polarity of input and output is the same. What Is The Possible Range Of Values It Will Determine When The Analog Signal Value Is 4 V? Each quiz objective question has 4 options as possible answers. ANALOG CIRCUITS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. <> The ADCS121S101EVM is a demonstration kit for the ADC121S101, a 12-bit, 1-channel, 1MSPS, Serial Interface SAR analog-to-digital converter.The EVM allows users to evaluate the operation and performance of the ADC121S101 data converter. �)�Ji��)�z�Ke/�"��P���c�ex �S����S���1N�J->�2e�ß�2�L��2�MOP�*$�_V��bfT�C��a�r�lh��Ti�(�no�>-�&8�,�Ͽ�Qm�N=.6P~�UEq��(v=&�y�+�]�ָ! Published March 24 , 2018. Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Analog Electronics. The DAC will typically have the converter itself and a collection of support circuitry built into the chip. Question: 1. • Digital-to-Analog Converter: An electronic device, often an integrated circuit, that converts a digital number into a corresponding analog voltage or current. 5 0 obj Answer: A linear integrated circuit is a solid state analog device characterized by a theoretically infinite number of possible operating states. >�2�#>�B�jk�(X}5�Z�N:��`O/��P����f��|. The signals are usually in analog form. 1. 3) Telegraph signals are examples of. It works with 0V to 5V analog input voltage. 4) As compared to the analog systems, the digital processing of signals allow SECTION 6.1: DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER ARCHITECTURES Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs or D/As) Introduction What we commonly refer to as a DAC today is typically quite a bit more. Design a suitable D/A converter to … 5 mA; C. 500 µA; D. 50 mA; Show Answer Scratch Pad Discuss %PDF-1.4 What exactly is meant by the term ”analog-to-digital converter,” or ADC? %PDF-1.4 Digital signals b. Analog signals c. Impulse signals d. Pulse train. Digital Circuits Questions & Answers 1. <> See Fig. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. 5. It operates over a continuous range of input levels. k�H2�w��nGm�4;���K�ɉ2�.+���U��*�SF^:��K��J�����v�`�| ['�|%�HM�TC��#Q1L0�1A���(J� Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) This digital output from This digital output from the computer is connected to a DAC, which converts it to a proportional analog voltage or current. @���( �LY�Ԥ���B͗�L*���k�o�0�������)�0��Ҥ���"�#u/f� ��1)+��J��W�����|wJ�Gx����H�#�G�5��WS����I����z~�j6�7��Z#�oa���[��� ADC. 'Digital Television Questions Answers October 16th, 2010 - Analog television will be switching to digital television by June 12 2009 In this category you can talk about the requirements of digital television converter boxes and reception just to name a few topics'' 12 / 13 A digital-to-analog converter (also known as a DAC or a D/A converter) is an electronic circuit that converts a digital representation of a quantity into a discrete analog value. 5 0 obj stream • The analog to digital converter chips 0808 and 0809 are 8-bit CMOS, successive . 50. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF BSNL TTA(JE) AND JTO 2016 NEW UPDATE-Allot 280 DR JEs and 270 DR … A binary-weighted digital-to-analog converter has an input resistor of 100 kΩ. Description . With an additional 61 professionally written interview answer … %�쏢 Ans:c. 8. �V&�>+�,u�Ck�,"o"� Most of the digital computers do not have floating point hardware because (a) floating point hardware is costly 23. Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters's Previous Year Questions with solutions of Digital Circuits from GATE ECE subject wise and chapter wise with solutions low as compared to other converters. a. Introduction. 7. The user can source an analog input, and the user-friendly graphical user interface will display the equivalent output code. Q1. A successive-approximation converter, Figure 2.01, is composed of a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a single comparator, and some control logic and registers. ... Digital multiplexing (1) Electric Current and Ohm's Law (1) Electronics and Communication Engineering Questions and Answers (3) … 2. With a neat block diagram, explain the working of two bit flash type analog to digital Converter. Digital computers are more widely used as compared to analog computers, because they are (a) less expensive (b) always more accurate and faster (c) useful over wider ranges of problem types (d) easier to maintain. The conversion delay is 100μs at a clock frequency of 640 KHz, which is quite. The input to the DAC is typically a digital binary code. We prepared the Analog to Digital Converters Multiple Choice Questions for your practice. Within a certain input range, the amplification curve of a linear IC is a straight line i.e. Download PDF. Practice 31 Analog Devices Inc. Interview Questions with professional interview answer examples with advice on how to answer each question. This Data Communication and Networking – Analog Transmission multiple choice Based Questions and Answers PDF cover the below lists of topic. This application note answers a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about digital potentiometer products from Analog Devices, Inc. ��%e��Je^���/�B"ۅ0ںf!D�T�}�PG!�3�9Q� 5*#]+=�e;�rz�pҴ�i�0�+����:@ϲ����5KpHݛ�xEtx���߂}ʹ���]��a� ��w+���[<0���=S��8P��C1k�u��������h9��7�%��u�k��t-���=e|�eX�{|&�T�!�ڝ�z5k�&K����Y��_Go��b���V��KA��CץZ stream There are many ADC converters like ADC0801, ADC0802, ADC0803, ADC0804 and ADC080. approximation converters. Also determine the conversion time of 8bit and 16 bit Successive Approximation type Analog to digital Converter if its clock frequency is 50Hz. Analog to digital conversion b. x��X�nG���96s��⛳ @�� �8��JDJI���^f��: �͞�Z_m���V4���>�D"h�?�m��D� m���fy7ˏE#�n�������5����~�[�U��p��m��|�6p�c� $'���x\D\h��i����ZK�-{�����x R'�7���uѐ��͕h�0�}�'�m`]�,�B��([9� ��(��TjT�@�����p$�JZ��mR�A��,���2��R��6��\@�B{�m��\z<4&�R�� Š���Z��N�7^���)%�e��;D.��N *���:3�B���Q�cyg|%��$�t��V�n��i�� ��zk��� Analog to Digital Converter As the name implies that Analog to Digital, means to convert analog signal into digital signal. 50 µA; B. In this section of Digital Logic Design – Digital Electronics – D/A (D to A – Digital to Analog) and A/D (A to D – Analog to Digital) Converters MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers),We have tried to cover the below lists of topics.All these MCQs will help you prepare for the various Competitive Exams and University Level Exams. a) True b) False Answer: b Explanation: In analytical instrumentation, most circuitry is concerned with the amplification and processing of signals. ANSWER: (b) Digital to analog conversion. Multiple Choice Questions and Answers By Sasmita January 9, 2020. {n�;|��P�ǣ�צ�u�B�[r��N���s�J��$#�Q�Z�%mWՙ��}f�掴����V�����@}�ʁ��֡�����\ .�A��I=W=��̓�*~�B���젌��$�kg.LD��6),���Gi�v������Z�Da���^E����~��AD��/t�o����;&c��`��'S&iGgF�����,P^���B}�" "�+9�C��� �B@rz;�BPh�coR 0�7XSh�ZZ���i�\ZO�~}��lfΔl[�. ADC0804 is a very commonly used 8-bit analog to digital converter. It has single analog input and 8-digital outputs. Microcontrollers commonly use 8, 10, 12, or 16 bit ADCs, our micro controller uses an 8 or 10 bit ADC. When the analog voltage to be measured is present at the input to the comparator, the system … Solution for Briefly describe what an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) does. If the resistor is connected to a 5 V source, the current through the resistor is: Options; A. We all knows Analog signal is continues in nature and Digital signal is discrete in nature Needs of ADC As we know that our microcontroller understand only digital language (i.e. Data Modulation multiple choice questions and answers set with five mcqs for NIELIT, BCA, B.Sc. What are linear ICs? FJ��;))m0>=�fD��>qQ�� It includes general and specific questions, including product specific questions. Each question carries 1 point. An Analog-to-digital Converter Has An Accuracy Of 98%. Some examples of ADC usage are digital volt meters, cell phone, thermocouples, and digital oscilloscope. Follow-up question: would you classify a digital potentiometer as an ADC (analog-to-digital converter) or as a DAC (digital-to-analog converter)? MCA, M.Sc(IT), BE, B.Tech, CCNA, MCSE exams. Questions Question 1 A comparator may be thought of as a one-bit analog-to-digital converter: − + In1 In2 Out Explain why this description of a comparator is appropriate. This is the electronics questions and answers section on "Analog and Digital Converters" with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. BACK TO QUESTIONS What Is a DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter)? In this article, we are going to discuss the ADC0804 converter. Digital To Analog modulation multiple choice Based Questions and Answers 2. 1 for a typical situation. In analytical instrumentation, little circuitry is concerned with the amplification and processing of signals. Analogue to Digital and Digital to Analogue Converters (ADCs and DACs) are some of the most important components in measurement and control technology.Their job is to transfer information between the real world and the digital world as faithfully as possible. In an op-amp differentiator. This prevents signals with frequencies greater than the sampling rate from being seen by the ADC, causing a detrimental effect called aliasing. Explain the current to voltage converter and the voltage to current converter. Amplitude shift keying (ASK) multiple choice Based Questions and Answers… %�쏢 analog signal has to be processed, stored, or transported in digital form. • Relation between analog signal and digital equivalent n a i re i f i1 V b 2− V = =×∑ • AD conversion – Va-> bi (encoder) ex) Transducer interface CS6304-Analog and Digital Communication Two marks questions and answers Unit I- Analog Communication 1. AN-1291: Digital Potentiometers: Frequently Asked Questions. ANSWER: (a) Digital signals. x��XɎ7���>R��&Y\}s� ���0#�,Ɍf������q��'�a�bk}��c'{�������_�z�맅�~����Dž�]�gs�}�Q�b�v�[_-�c�i2=�y'{I�[�/�?,e��v҉��J�duJ\��X"k�k�Pb�~(�,Eq��W�'���b�0�M�:��x�(��Q�pR1��Da�-;��z�� Ž�D����q�ݒT�u�s:Y iC���وOI�^Z�$+��m�mx�������_�'W�h�u�JS���z��{�l��MgH� An Analog-to-digital Converter Has An Accuracy Of 98%. Answer 9 Analog Devices manufactures a 64-position digital potentiometer under the part number AD5227, for example. Define − Noise (May/June 2007) Noise is defined as any unwanted form of energy, which tends to interfere with proper reception and reproduction of wanted signal. It have covered all basics and higher level questions so it will be very helpful for revisions of analog electronics topics. Answer 10 Digital to analog conversion c. Modulation d. Quantization. ޚ��S�_�����;AC!A��� "/�0Z�,WY�AR( ��c��;n�0�`��n;|*?%S�f(� ����d��P#�������������R&��2�����$�.�@�^+�|�T�J��\C��g�bE01)A3���$�z���IB���J�}�r�خ����w+��h5��Z! 5 Points. 22. Analog Devices interview questions and answers 1. You need to score at-least 50% to pass the quiz i.e. Q.1.
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