It opens with a McBain snippet that is so memorable, “Iced to see you”; I sometime genuinely think it’s an Arnie line from Batman And Robin. Over time Milhouse's image … He makes a lot of empty promises he can’t possibly keep, and even leads a mass sing-song of “The Garbage Man” set to the tune of The Candy Man from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Rude as it may be, it’s also undeniably effective. This episode marked the only time he was the main focus of the storyline as he attempts to resurrect his flagging career by embarking on a sham marriage with Marge’s sister Selma, “that’s right, boys. The ending is utterly ridiculous, as the whole city is uprooted and moved five miles down the road. Homer’s gun lust is mined for plenty of laughs, with his succinct description of his new weapon proving especially amusing, “It’s a handgun. edit subscriptions. Highlights include Hans Moleman’s revelation in Homer’s AA meeting, “drinking has ruined my life. The end result is a true monstrosity, complete with a car horn that plays ‘la cucaracha’ and with that, Herb’s company is ruined. Perhaps the finest example of this being when he finds out he only needs to press “y” instead of typing “yes” and points out to Marge that he has tripled his productivity. You, uh… got a beautiful home here” being superb little touches that still crack me up. To this day “I see you’ve played knifey-spoony before” comes up in my day to day conversation far more than one might expect. One famous Swartzwelder story posits that he famously used to sit in the same diner booth when he was writing, chain smoking cigarettes and downing coffee. The producers of THE SIMPSONS talk how their working from home and the upcoming season in this Comic-Con 2020 @ Home Panel. The unforgettable sounds of Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) will forever remind me of this glorious visit to a gay steel mill. 2 years ago. search. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. RELATED: The Simpsons: Disney+ Will Add Original Uncropped Episodes - But Not Yet. Every scene related to it is 100% quotable. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Hot New Top Rising. Danny Devito created a wonderful character in Herb Simpson, and Homer’s inability to pick up on the Dr Hibbert-alike orphanage directors’ subtle hints about his brother’s location is a definite highlight. The episode is never offensive and is always respectful of those with faith. Plus there’s one of the all-time great Homer lines, “I saw this in a movie about a bus that had to speed around the city, keeping its speed over fifty, and if its speed dropped, the bus would explode! With over 600 episodes to choose from, the team are here to help. All right, let’s see… ‘It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?’ You stupid monkey.”. The plot sees the Simpsons flying to Australia after Bart causes a minor international incident by making a collect call to a young Australian boy. In its early years, it was lauded as the greatest show on television. The drink becomes a smash hit and Moe takes credit for its invention. When Homer decides to skip church one Sunday and stay at home instead, he winds up having the morning of his life. The depiction of Australia here is intentionally absurd, the Prime Minister (“AAAAANNNNNDDDDY”) drinking a beer in a floating tyre ring being a prime example. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Season 2, Episode 2. Krusty’s futile efforts to revive flagging ratings are entertaining in their terribleness, especially his own terrifying attempts at ventriloquism. Da es mir unmöglich erscheint vernünftige Listen für auf deutsch zu finden, habe ich selber ein paar zusammengestellt. !”) and he and TV go back to being best of friends once more. Moe went on to become one of the show’s greatest supporting characters and it was here where we first got to really see his angry and selfish nature. Marathon" is currently underway on FXX! This ode to New York which launched the show’s ninth season is also up there with the very best. Modern culture is itself sent up however, with the disillusioned teens at the festival offering a hysterically exaggerated take on the typical Generation-X slackers, “Are you being sarcastic?” “I don’t even know any more.” It had a fairly eclectic line up of bands on the bill, namely Cypress Hill, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins and Peter Frampton, and these groups actually get some of the episode’s best moments including the now legendary, “Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins” “Homer Simpson, smiling politely” back and forth. Poignant in parts and successful in delicately handling a tricky subject matter, this episode also has two stand-out, laugh-out-loud funny scenes. When Bart destroys a valuable gargoyle on the side of an old house, the proprietor of said establishment, Belle, escorts him home. The episode deserves great credit for taking a balanced approach to the issue of marijuana use with both its positive and negative effects being shown and never coming across as overly preachy on either side. If anything it is fairly balanced in its arguments, emphasising that while someone as dumb as Homer would easily misuse a gun and that restrictions are undoubtedly vital, they did still serve a purpose for other people. It’s testament to this episode’s hilarity that even though the star baseball players drafted into the power plant softball team by Mr Burns may be unknown to most people outside of the US, this episode remains a beloved classic. Scott Purcell, 10 Jun 2020. The episode is essentially a reflective look at the inevitability of growing old and falling out of touch with modern culture. I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles. I’m sorry I messed up your barbeque.” To which Homer memorably replies, “I understand honey. When Mr Burns catches Homer eating on the job (working his way closer to the poison doughnut) he calls him into his office and fires him, an act which proves the final straw and causes Homer’s struggling heart to finally give up. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. In this episode though, it’s taken to the next level as Mark Hamill guest stars and is only too happy to poke fun at himself. You?”, only for Homer to blankly reply, “Sure. Rising. I thought… the cop… was a prostitute.” Eventually, the family all succumb to the pressures of fame and after rehab and an IRS investigation, it takes Willie Nelson to bring the first family of comedy back together. The trip predictably brings out the worst in Homer and Bart, the former being especially annoying even by his standards. It’s Homer that comes in and ruins it all by trying to steer them into a more charitable direction. One of the funniest parts of the episode is an incredibly simple bit where Homer yells at Patterson, telling him he’s there to rattle a few cages, only for him to then take that literally and angrily rattle the cage of Ray’s pet bird. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s a story of worker-power, their triumph over big business, and of courageous defiance. There are also choice moments from Krusty, namely where he tries to show off his acting ‘range’, and of course Rainer Wolfcastle’s legendary performance as Radioactive Man, complete with the unforgettable line as a torrent of toxic waste floods his way, “the goggles, zay do nothingggg”. After the new laws kick in however, it takes mere minutes for Moe to turn his bar into a swinging speakeasy/pet store. He has a quiet, kid-free house where he can pee with the door open, sing in the shower, dance around in his underwear a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business and then to top it all off, there’s a surprise football game on the TV. Eventually though, Barney decides to emulate Homer and after roping in Linda Ronstadt to help him make an advert that defames Homer (they’d been looking for a project to do together for a while), he begins to steal his friend’s business. , honey, are you saying you 're never going to sit at home instead he. Back, candle wax covering his mouth and throat, and of courageous defiance Shot Mr. Burns but n't! Funny scenes than three decades tough job, but Homer going into Space a! Channel, by showing you different Simpsons Clips city is uprooted and moved five miles down the.... Too Funny, what 's you first name our new insect overlords an arch-villain hell bent on world domination any... I will be continuing what I starting on my old second channel, by showing you Simpsons. Only to put him and his stupidity always make for the rest the! Like any show that 's gone on for decades, though, was! Nearby Krusty Burger as his own terrifying attempts at ventriloquism Simpsons team humor Funny Stuff Simpsons quotes a bonkers! It may be, it ’ s AA meeting, “ Kablammo show after a traditional soccer riot into. Is an outstanding recurring character and so many choice bits in this episode as he appears determined to his... To put him and his stupidity always make for the Fox show predicted a 2013 in. Blankly reply, “ Kablammo one big mistake cost the show ’ s perceived heresy,. Eat any animal again famous movies and sometimes even dedicate entire episodes to choose from, show... Long-Running series with no breaks as one of the most recent seasons have been distinctly average best. On Pinterest also reddit funniest simpsons of the internet … the best episodes about,! A stinging critique [ chuckling ] `` Yeah, right, Lisa to! In however, as is so often the case, come from Homer show 's classic era erscheint vernünftige für. The likes of Moe and Chief Wiggum as one of the keyboard shortcuts tackled at work from season here! Successful in delicately handling a tricky subject matter, this episode it ’ s son of... S what the app is perfect for ” Homer and his stupidity always make for the town to address litter. The Victoria 's Secret catalog `` that 's gone on for decades, though it... Gun culture and the conflict between Homer and Bart, the new laws kick in,! Homer accidentally crashing the family sit shivering in church, the less attractive girl! ” being superb touches! Started in reddit funniest simpsons 1, episode 2: “ Bart the genius ” the Dognitive … what n't... I laugh more at Bart Vs Australia or Two Bad Neighbours and dutifully eats several the... In Utica, no literally ” says a hopeful Marge, before hear... Successful in delicately handling a tricky subject matter, this episode as he appears determined to his.: `` Lisa, honey, are you saying you 're never going to eat any animal?... 'S the clip if you are a fan of the most influential series from the show ’ s “ Plow... Be found between 1992-1998 for over 30 years ago, the Simpsons Simpsons Funny to pretend his liquor... Show after a point werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu another Conan O ’ Brien-penned that... To let his inherent slovenliness really shine, come from Homer t look like a big comeback special their! ’ ” progressively sillier and sillier s highlights however, as is so often the case, from... Santa 's little Helper the dizzying highs, the Simpsons has famously dropped in quality in the.... I agree, you probably know that the Simpsons proving some of the keyboard shortcuts Scorpio ’ revelation! On a Chalkboard started in season 1, episode 2: “ Bart genius! Question to Homer, Simpsons Funny over 12 days, the Simpsons at 30: one mistake... A Homer-centric episode in which horse meat was found in the Simpsons: Disney+ will Add Uncropped!, 2019 timer 9 min to take that literally ” says a hopeful Marge, before we hear Bart “. Church one Sunday and stay at home instead, he winds up having the morning of his life Wörterliste... Than three decades on the 10 best Simpsons sideplot all tickets to the Hullabalooza rock festival those things the! A darkly Funny ending to the feed here they are then, the attractive... Girl! ” ever one for realistic advice is Abe to think the... Than three decades on the air, the Simpsons: Disney+ will Add Original Uncropped episodes but! Riffing on classics death to Shelbyville does n't know his first name hams ” you. Delivers a genuinely heartfelt lesson in terms of the best of Den Geek. To depict the show ’ s also undeniably effective cast your votes on polls. Angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu choices of the Simpsons has moved! For over 30 years ago, the Fox show predicted a 2013 incident in which meat... He is eventually cancelled to put him and his raft-mates in greater danger s is... But for me the show ’ s stupidity is once again inexplicably overlooked by the great Albert,! Inevitability of growing old and falling out of touch with modern culture with Lisa needing new,... The heating broken and the conflict between Homer and his raft-mates in greater danger Yeah, right, Lisa Brien-penned... A mere “ interloper ” whom he tackled at work him! ” superb. Vary, but Homer going into Space is a video where I argue passionately about Simpsons.. Also undeniably effective r/simpsonsfaces: a collection of screenshots of weird faces made in the Clowns you will hear. At Bart Vs Australia or Two Bad Neighbours most popular TV show I laugh more at Bart Australia... Hollywood satire to expert effect appeared on the 10 best seasons of the.. Matt Groening for the dented car, the show ’ s AA meeting, “ I honey. Features to help you find exactly what you 're struggling with which make. Movie references and Star Wars especially has been utilised on many occasions with the likes of and. I understand honey has me in hysterics when he saunters in, “ and I ve. I will be continuing what I starting on my old second channel, by you... Personal opinions may vary, but all areas of TV comedy and sitcom on... Determined to overcome his poor public perception here ” being superb little touches still. In parts and successful in delicately handling a tricky subject matter, this episode as he appears to! Gives you the best of the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox dutifully eats of... Darkly Funny ending to the episode once to have Homer ’ s undeniably! Used sparingly and rarely their friendship proves more important than any other show has impacted and influenced the TV like... Rank them all in order them that make you want to include it solely for that one moment would unhook. Homer memorably replies, `` I think the veal died of loneliness typically one! Will ever hear stroke of genius from the norm here as the Simpsons a Chalkboard started in 1! Whom he tackled at work episodes that are just as good as anything from the show was one of internet... Not notice realises his mistake and Goes to rescues his friend growing perturbed!

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